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“What!!” Vermilion Bird, who had just been appeased, immediately exploded after hearing Shen Yanxiaos instructions!

“Calm down! How can I calm down Are you asking me to send a letter back Youre clearly asking me to send an undead back!!!” Vermilion Bird completely exploded.

It was not a problem for Shen Yanxiao to ask him to send a letter.

In any case, it was not the first time he had been treated as a messenger by Shen Yanxiao.

However, this time, she was even more outrageous.

She actually asked him to transport the undead prince who was standing by the bed like a wooden stake!

“Well, you see, Im going to follow that silver dragon.

After I leave, Sal will definitely arrange for Mingye to follow Long Yan to resurrect the high-level dragon skeletons.

I cant let that happen, so… I can only let you take away the key figure in this matter.” Shen Yanxiao analyzed the whole situation with Vermilion Bird in a nice tone.

If possible, she did not want to kidnap the undead prince, but there was no second choice.

Searching for the Dragon Kings Decree was the main purpose of her trip, but she could not just watch the undeads resurrect a large number of high-level dragon skeletons in the Dragon Cemetery.

Wasnt this waiting for the North to be beaten up

Therefore, she could only choose to kidnap Mingye.

Without Mingye, Sal could not resurrect those high-level dragon skeletons on his own.

Mingyes disappearance would bring great chaos to the whole city of the undead, and it would also greatly delay the time for the undeads to enter the Dragon Cemetery.

During this period of time, Shen Yanxiao went to get the Dragon Kings Decree first.

In this way, not only would Long Yans plan be ruined, but the undeads would also be in chaos.

Killing two birds with one stone.

It could not be more perfect.

Unfortunately, she had to sneak into the Dragon Palace Hall and could not bring Mingye with her.

Therefore, she could only ask Vermilion Bird to move Mingye back to the North.

“You… Youre crazy! Do you even know what youre doing! You want me to bring the prince of the Undead race back to the North Do you want the dragons in the North to go berserk Believe it or not, as soon as I bring Mingye back, he will be torn apart by those dragons!” Vermilion Bird was thoroughly speechless.

What kind of logic did his heartless master have to think of such a crazy method

Bringing an undead to the last bastion of the dragons, not to mention a prince, wouldnt the dragons in the North immediately explode

“I will have Mingye change his appearance and go back as Ye Dou.

I just need you to bring him to Long Shi and others and claim that he is a low-level undead you have captured.

Those dragons should not have too big of a reaction.” Shen Yanxiao had already thought through all the details.

But she also knew that this matter was a little big, so she did not dare to make a decision casually.

“You…” Vermilion Bird was out of breath.

He had seen bold people, but he had never seen someone this bold.

He was really curious as to what Shen Yanxiao dared not do in this world.

“Im worried about leaving you alone.” Vermilion Bird bit his lips.

“Theres also Taotie and Xiu.

Besides, dont you believe in my skills” Shen Yanxiao smiled and raised her hand to rub Vermilion Birds head.

“Im still not at ease.

What can that idiot Taotie do” Vermilion Bird muttered unhappily.

He did not dare to say anything about Xiu, but Taotie… he could say whatever he wanted!

“Why dont you come and find me after you send Mingye back” Shen Yanxiao compromised with Vermilion Bird.

She knew that Vermilion Bird was worried about her safety.

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