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Even though the Saint Laurent Academy kept the Warlock Division, warlocks were long regarded as public enemies by all the students and the teachers.

Furthermore, that warlock had attacked two students during the test.

With the attitude that everyone had against warlocks, the student would probably be expelled from the Saint Laurent Academy if they were to identify him.

The old man did not doubt that at all.

“Hmph, I knew it.

None of you are good people.

Since it was a test, it should be based on each individuals capabilities.

Those two students must have been incapable, to have fallen into such a trap.

This proves that they are not the warlocks opponents.” The old man was not nervous when he heard what Ouyang Huanyu said.

Instead, he was delighted.

If Ouyang Huanyu knew the identity of the student, he would not have gone to him to speak of such nonsense.

He was there because he had no clue about the identity of that student.

“Is that so The current top student of the Swordsman Division, is he incapable” Ouyang Huanyu gently laughed.

The old man quirked his eyebrows.

“Cao Xu, the top student of the Swordsman Division and another student, was controlled by the combination curse, the Illusion Construct.

They muddle-headedly misplaced all of their members badges and lost three bottles of potions.

As far as I know, even though the level of a combination curse like the Illusion Construct is not very high, there are only a few warlocks who could cast this skill in the entire Brilliance Continent.”

“What does this have to do with me If the curse could control them so easily, are they not embarrassed to call themselves the top students I always thought that the students from the few divisions that you controlled are trash.” The old man snorted unhappily.

“Perhaps it is so.

However, the teachers are afraid of the warlock.

So I came here to check if the student is related to you in any way.

If it is so, then perhaps the Warlock Tower would welcome its first student in years.

Nonetheless, since you are unaware of this, then please just forget about it.

It might not even have been a student of ours, and he might have been there with some ulterior motives.

To ensure the safety of our students, I will have no choice but to investigate this further.” Ouyang Huanyu felt helpless as he could not get a direct response from the old man.

“You may do as you please.” The old man said before he turned back and continued to organize the books on the table.

“Then I shall not disturb you any longer.” Ouyang Huanyu did not say anything else and left the Warlock Tower.

The old man only looked up from the books when the dean had left the Warlock Tower.

The unconcerned expression on his face morphed into a soft gaze.

“He has already learned the Illusion Construct Good lad! As I have expected, he is gifted!” Just as Ouyang Huanyu had said, he was probably the only one who knew how to cast the Illusion Construct in the entire Brilliance Continent.

Besides, he had not stepped out of the Saint Laurent Academy for many years, so outsiders could not have learned that combination curse.

The sole possibility was the little lad who took the sheepskin book.

He remembered the little guy who browsed the introductory books a month ago.

It had only been a month, and he could already cast a fourth-grade combination curse, the Illusion Construct

Such talent!

The old man did not expect the little guy who took the sheepskin notebook would understand combination curses in that short period because he knew how difficult those curses were.

However, it seemed that he had underestimated him.

‘As the saying goes, green is born of blue, but it beats blue.

As expected, that little guy did not waste my painstaking efforts.

Good job, well done!” The old mans eyes flooded with excitement.

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