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If the same situation were to happen to different people, the result would be different.

Shen Yanxiao looked forward to how Sal would resolve the crisis.

It did not matter to Shen Yanxiao who won.

She was only here to cause trouble!

The group of royal relatives stayed in Mingyes room for a while and seized the opportunity to instill Sals rudeness into Mingyes slow-witted brain.

After ensuring that Mingye was filled with anger towards Sal so much so that he could strangle him to death, the group of undead left in satisfaction.

Before they left, they even asked Mingye to have a good rest as they would send food over soon.

Mingye was the only one left in the room.

He pursed his lips and walked to the table to sit down.

He was the prince of the Undead race, and he had lived like a prince since he was young.

He lived a life where everyone looked up to him.

He had never realized the dangers around him.

A nimble figure suddenly dashed out from one side.

The instant Mingye looked down at the map on the table, he felt a sharp pain on the back of his neck and fell into the darkness the next second.

With a plop, Mingye fell to the ground.

The girl with a teasing smile crouched down and poked the unconscious undead boy.

“Even if its an undead, wont they all faint if ambushed” Shen Yanxiao looked at Mingye lying on the ground.

She had experimented with Zela many times on the way here and confirmed that her attack could knock out a high-level undead temporarily.

Mingye was the heir of the Undead race.

Xiu had already found out that his father, the leader of the undead, had left a mark on him.

Once Mingye died, the aura that belonged to him would disappear.

His father, who was far away in the Howling Abyss, would also discover that his son had passed away at the first instance.

At that time, he would certainly cause a lot of trouble for the Hidden Dragon Continent.

If possible, Shen Yanxiao also wanted to kill Mingye and end everything.

Unfortunately, killing this little idiot would bring about another huge problem.

After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to let this idiot off for the time being.

Her plan of replacing the prince with a leopard cat did not change, but she would keep Mingye alive for the time being.

Shen Yanxiao revealed an evil smile.

She carefully observed Mingyes appearance and drank a bottle of grandmaster disguise potion.

The next second, a crafty-lookingPrince Mingye appeared in the room.

Shen Yanxiao bent down and dragged the unconscious Mingye up.

She pried open his mouth and fed him a bottle of disguise potion.

Soon, Mingyes handsome appearance changed and his delicate facial features gradually became unattractive.

Soon, a handsome undead teenager turned into an ordinary little undead in Shen Yanxiaos hands.

Shen Yanxiao raised her hand and cast several curses on Mingye.

After that, she slapped the unconscious Mingye awake.

Mingye, who suddenly woke up, sat on the ground with a confused expression.

He was confused as to what had happened.

At this moment, a black shadow shrouded him and he subconsciously looked up.

All of a sudden, he saw a handsome but wicked smile.

After the real Mingye saw the fake Shen Yanxiao, he trembled and knelt before Shen Yanxiao with a plop.

His eyes were filled with reverence and his cautious expression was similar to the expression a low-level undead had when they saw him.

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