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What Shen Yanxiao wanted was for these undead royals to be hostile towards Sal.

All this was to cause trouble among the undeads.

The more chaos they were in, the better.

It was rare for a group of idiots to cooperate with her so seamlessly, and it would be too much if she did not add fuel to the fire.

“You, get lost and tell Sal that he must personally lead a team to welcome me within five days.

Otherwise, I will not take a single step onto the Hidden Dragon Continent!” Mingye arrogantly raised his chin and pointed at Zela as he instructed.

Zela shivered and repeatedly agreed.

At the same time, he followed Shen Yanxiaos instructions and said, “I will go back and report right away.

However, Your Highness has just arrived at the Hidden Dragon Continent and everything is inconvenient.

My subordinates will stay here and serve Your Highness for the time being.

If Your Highness has any requests, you can tell them.”

It was not a problem for Zela to create conflict between Mingye and Sal, but Shen Yanxiao could not leave, right

If she were to leave, how was she to replace that idiot prince

Mingye frowned but said nothing.

He never felt that he lacked someone to serve him.

Plus, this group of royal relatives were acting as his servants.

Mingye did not think so, but the members of the royal family behind him lacked servants!

Along the way, they took good care of Mingye.

However, as this mission was extremely crucial, they were the only ones sent to the Hidden Dragon Continent, so they did not have any servants or maids.

God knew that they had lived like princes and princesses.

It was not a problem for them to care for the future monarch, but they also wanted to continue to lord over others! It would be great if someone waited on them!

This group of royal relatives was very satisfied with Zelas suggestion and secretly gave him 32 thumbs up.

Comrade, well done.

At least you know your place.

When we get Sal off the stage, well give you a bone to chew.

“Your Highness, in that case, lets agree.

The Hidden Dragon Continent is not inferior to your palace and there are fewer people serving you.

Why dont we let them stay and assist you Your Highness has suffered a lot along the way and our hearts ache just by looking at you.” One of the high-level undeads that accompanied Mingye immediately put on an expression that said,” Your Highness, youve worked hard! Your Highness, youve suffered!”

The other high-level undeads also repeatedly agreed.

They also praised His Highness Mingye for his tenacity, endurance, and hard work for the sake of the Undead race.

Mingye felt as if he was floating in the air.

Even though he was eight hundred years old, he was still considered young for a purebred undead that would never die.

Due to his fathers protection and favor, he had never experienced any hardships.

He subconsciously believed that he was a person of noble character and selfless contributions.

“Alright then.” Having his vanity satisfied, Mingye was very easy to talk to.

In any case, he never felt that he had too many servants.

These high-level undeads who had their wish fulfilled were secretly laughing.

After telling Zela to leave his men behind, they impolitely chased Zela back to the city of the undead to ask Sal to come over as soon as possible.

Shen Yanxiao stayed behind as a matter of course.

Naturally, these undeads would not stand outside and wait for Sal.

They returned to the ship once again, and the undeads Zela left behind were also brought up.

Shen Yanxiao boldly walked into Prince Mingyes ship.

She would not die if she did not cause trouble!

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