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The undead prince would land on the Hidden Dragon Continent in the south.

Zela and a group of undeads stood guard by the sea like a statue…

Three days later, a huge ship appeared on the surface of the sea.

It was entirely grayish-black in color and the skeleton flag on the ship fluttered in the wind.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

A ship filled with the symbol of the undead had actually sailed over from the surface of the sea in such an outlandish manner.

It was surprising that the merfolks did not attack it.

How confident were the undeads in that ship to hang the skeleton flag so brilliantly

Pulling her cloak, Shen Yanxiao concealed herself among a group of low-level undead.

The large ship docked and a group of undeads walked down from the ship with an imposing air.

Walking at the forefront, the teenage undead surrounded by dozens of undeads had an outstanding appearance with a long silver-gray robe.

Even if he was an undead, Shen Yanxiao had to admit that there was nothing to criticize about the princes appearance.

Disregarding his grayish-white skin, Mingyes appearance was comparable to the five beasts of Phantom.

However, the gloomy aura unique to undeads was always surrounding him, turning a sunny young man full of vitality into a gloomy young man filled with depression.

Under Shen Yanxiaos hint, Zela came to Mingye with a flattering smile.

“Your subordinate Zela pays respect to Your Highness Mingye!”

Mingye narrowed his long and narrow phoenix eyes and coldly swept across Zelas face before he nodded perfunctorily.

All the high-level undeads standing behind him were so arrogant that their nostrils were showing from their heads being tilted back.

“Wheres Sal Why isnt he here to welcome His Highness” One of the high-level undead following Mingye frowned.

He was rather dissatisfied that he did not see Sal.

Those who came with Mingye were all members of the royal family of the undeads.

If this were human society, all of them would be considered as imperial relatives.

Sal was merely a general.

Who had ever seen a prince giving a general face

Their prince had personally arrived and as the person-in-charge of the Hidden Dragon Continent, Sal did not even lead a team to welcome him.

This was simply unreasonable!

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They would complain to their master when they returned!

The cooperation with Long Yan was very important for the undeads.

Ever since the war between gods and devils, the devils were defeated.

Even the undeads that had relied on the devils were forced to return to their territory to recuperate.

With the exception of purebred undeads, low and intermediate-level undeads were resurrected by high-level undeads.

They were far away from other races, so the undeads had also lost their source of corpses.

Therefore, the number of low and intermediate-level undeads had not increased much.

More than a thousand years ago, the undeads and Long Yan had reached an agreement.

They would send troops into the Hidden Dragon Continent and plunder the corpses of the dragons everywhere to enrich their strength.

As a general of the undead army, Sal had been dispatched to the Hidden Dragon Continent by the Ancestor of the Undead to take over everything.

This was equivalent to saying that all the dragon corpses Sal captured and discovered over the years were resurrected by Sal and his subordinates.

Those resurrected bone dragons listened to Sal and his subordinates, which made these members of the royal family rather dissatisfied.

The Dragon race was the most powerful race other than the God race and the Devil race.

The bone dragons resurrected from the bones of the dragon race were also more powerful than the other races.

Why was so much of their fighting strength controlled by Sal alone

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