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The architecture here was very similar to human cities.

Shen Yanxiao even saw shops similar to human shops.

Shen Yanxiao strolled around the city of the undead with the mindset of looking at something new.

She had to admit that she was shocked by what she saw!

The way undeads lived was exactly the same as humans.

There was no lack of clothing, food, shelter, and transportation.

However, all the shops selling clothes sold black and gray long robes, as well as the iconic big black cloak.

Shen Yanxiao was curious.

Why was there an inn in the city of the undead

Undeads did not trade in the gold coins of human society, but bone coins.

As the name implies, it was money made from bones.

On it was an extremely hideous skull.

While Shen Yanxiao was observing the lives of the undead, a commotion broke out among a group of undeads.

Shen Yanxiao dashed over like a cat and squeezed into the crowd of low-level undeads.

Among the undeads, three high-level undead were entangled together.

Two of them seemed to have an irreconcilable grudge as they fought to the death while the other high-level undead tried hard to pull his two companions away.

“Uther, enough is enough!” One of the high-level undead barely managed to dodge the opponents fist, and the scratches on his pale face were obvious.

Shen Yanxiao was delighted when she saw it.

Enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

Wasnt this the high-level undead she brought Vermilion Bird and Taotie to cause trouble for the first time

The high-level undead named Uther was clearly taller than Zela by a head.

He had a strong physique and looked just like a stone wall.

He angrily glared at Zela who was beaten up miserably.

If it were not for the other high-level undead behind him hugging his waist, he would have pounced on him.

“Zela! You bastard! If it werent for you, I wouldnt have lost so many subordinates.

You bitch! I knew it.

Youre not that kind-hearted!” Uther waved his fist, wishing he could swallow Zela alive.

Even though Zela was a high-level undead, he was not that strong among them.

At the very least, when facing the strong Uther, he could only passively take a beating.

“Uther, its not like what you said.

When I told you that there were two mutant dragons, who was the one who led troops with boiling blood to capture them I was kind enough to tell you their location, but you were incapable of capturing them.

Instead, youre blaming me now.” Zela was furious from the beating, but he did not dare to fight Uther.

He could only take a step back and shout.

Uther and Zela were both high-level undeads, and they had led teams to the Hidden Dragon Continent to search for dragons.

After Zela encountered two mutant dragons and escaped, the first one he encountered was Uther.

The relationship between the two sides was not good.

Uther was powerful and was favored by Sal, which made Zela jealous.

Therefore, when he met Uther, Zela exaggerated the fact that he had encountered two mutant dragons and encouraged Uther to lead his troops to chase after him.

Uther went with joy, but he was beaten up badly.

Half of his undead subordinates were killed, and even the dragons he captured were lost.

Uther hated Zela who harbored evil intentions to death.

So, the moment he came out from Sals room, Uther gave Zela a beating.

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