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Sal looked at Long Yan in surprise.

Long Yan was willing to give them all corpses of the eight-winged golden dragons

God knew how powerful an eight-winged golden dragon was.

Sal had been in the Hidden Dragon Continent for more than a thousand years, but the number of resurrected eight-winged golden dragons could be counted on one hand.

However, every single one of those resurrected eight-winged bone dragons was shockingly powerful.

There were at least dozens of eight-winged golden dragons in the North.

If he could turn all of them into bone dragons…

Sal was tempted.

How could he possibly sit still in the face of such enticing benefits

This would be a huge step to expand the army of bone dragons.

Long Yan was ruthless.

In order to occupy the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, he did not hesitate to destroy all the eight-winged golden dragons with the exception of himself.

Even the most crafty human might not be capable of such a massacre.

“Alright, I promise you.” In the end, Sal could not resist the temptation and agreed to Long Yans suggestion.

“However, the consumption this time will be huge and the number of bone dragons we have is limited…” Sal pointed out.

Long Yan gritted his teeth.

“I will take you to the Dragon Cemetery.”

It was rumored that every high-level dragon would quietly leave before they died and head towards a place that no one else knew about while quietly waiting for their death.

That place was called the Dragon Cemetery, and it was the burial ground of high-level dragons throughout history.

Other than high-level dragons, no one knew where the Dragon Cemetery was.

Sal had always wanted to get the location of the Dragon Cemetery from Long Yan, but he was exceptionally stubborn and refused to tell him.

That had always been Sals regret.

There were countless high-level dragon corpses in the Dragon Cemetery.

Even though the skeletons of the dragons that had been dead for tens of thousands of years had deteriorated over time, the skeletons of the dragons that had died in the past ten thousand years could still be resurrected!

It would be the holy land for the undead!

Sal smiled.

His sinister eyes sparkled with greed.

Long Yans actions were tantamount to seeking his own death.

They had cooperated with Long Yan merely to increase their strength, but right now, Long Yan had delivered all his cards to them.

Once the northern region was breached, all the eight-winged golden dragons except Long Yan would become their slaves and their most loyal followers.

Sals chilly gaze swept across Long Yan without a trace and a cruel smile blossomed on his lips.

At that time, Long Yan would be useless.

As long as all the eight-winged golden dragons in the Hidden Dragon Continent died and the undeads controlled the eight-winged bone dragons, then the destruction of the dragons would be imminent.

Long Yan did not think of that, and Sal would not remind him.

“If thats the case, then that would be great.

After we reorganize, we will slaughter the dragons in the North, kill those dragons that have designs on you, and then kill that little golden dragon.” Sals smile was exceptionally brilliant.

Long Yan had no idea that he had sold out the entire Dragon race.

He only wanted to occupy the entire Hidden Dragon Continent and become the king of all the dragons in the world.

So what if the eight-winged golden dragon was dead As long as he could find the Dragon Kings Decree and obtain the power of the Dragon God, he could still rule the entire Hidden Dragon Continent even without the assistance of the eight-winged golden dragons!

Even if you beat Long Yan to death, he would never expect that the lowly undeads who were not worth mentioning in his eyes had started to conspire to destroy the entire Dragon race.

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