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Chapter 1784 Hypocrite Cooperation (2)

The dragons believed in strength.

In the eyes of the dragons, with the exception of the God race and the Devil race, all other races were weak.

After the fall of the God race and the retreat of the Devil race, the Dragon race had become the most powerful race in the world.

Even Long Yan was convinced of that.

Cooperating with the undeads was merely to help him reclaim everything that should have belonged to him.

These weaker races could never defeat the powerful dragons.

Long Yans arrogance and complacency were not concealed in the slightest.

His sense of superiority made this group of high-level undead in the room feel disdain.

Did he honestly think he was invincible

If not for the fact that this idiot was the only dragon that accepted cooperation with undeads, why would they choose him as their ally

It had to be said that since Long Yan started cooperating with undeads, they had been bullied by him.

This eight-winged golden dragon had an arrogant appearance all day long and looked down on undeads.

Even their commander, Sal, could not obtain Long Yans respect, which made the undeads hate him.

However, they still had to make use of Long Yan and could not fall out with him for the time being.

Sals eyes turned cold as he secretly suppressed his displeasure.

“Youre right.

Ive ordered them not to care about those two clowns for the time being.

I believe those two dragons will not ignore your reputation and rashly intrude into your territory,” Sal said with a fake smile.

Sals words caused Long Yans expression to slightly change.

Who did not know that the two dragons were currently active in the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent This was Long Yans territory.

It was not that the two dragons would not ignore Long Yan, but they had completely disregarded him.

They had already openly caused trouble in Long Yans territory, and that was tantamount to slapping Long Yans face.

The undeads were prepared to capture the two dragons, so they naturally would not tell Long Yan about this.

Long Yan had an attitude ofI am the best in the world, and he did not realize that the other party had already started to cause trouble on his territory.

But right now, Sal had inadvertently exposed that layer of paper and bluntly threw the disrespect of those two dragons in front of Long Yans face.

Look, you think you have control over half of the Hidden Dragon Continent, but arent there still dragons that dare to come to your territory and bombard it They are clearly not treating you like a dish!

Long Yans expression became uglier and uglier.

As the highest-level eight-winged golden dragon of the Dragon race, he wanted to make a joke out of this group of lowly undeads!

“I will naturally resolve this matter.

Since they dared to cause trouble in my territory, I will not let them off easily,” Long Yan coldly said.

“I dont think thats a good idea… The opponents are just two little dragons, so why do you have to do it yourself” Sals expression was solemn, but a malicious smile flickered in his eyes.

Did he really think those two dragons were easy to deal with

If that was the case, his subordinates would not have suffered such a huge loss.

Didnt Long Yan always think of himself as strong Then let him have a good time.

In any case, whether they won or lost, there was no loss for them.

If Long Yan could kill those two dragons, they could naturally take over their corpses.

After they resurrected, they would strengthen their army of bone dragons.

Even though the undeads had suffered a lot in the hands of those two dragons, Sal also had strong thoughts about them.

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