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Chapter 1781 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (7)

As Shen Yanxiao advanced towards the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent, a bloodbath ensued.

Along the way, Vermilion Bird and Taotie who had transformed into dragons had become the targets of the undeads here.

Wave after wave of undeads surged forth.

From the first thousand man army to the last five thousand, countless undeads had used their lives to confirm a fact.

These two mutant dragons were simply their nightmare!

After encountering the mutant earth dragon and the mutant red dragon, all the undeads were over the moon.

All of them roared and wanted to capture them, but the result was tragic.

Their attacks were merely tickles for that earth dragon.

After their diligent efforts, all they could do was merely to leave a few scratches on its tough scales…

In order to leave a scratch on the mutant earth dragon, they had sent countless undeads into its stomach.

Not to mention capturing them, it was already considered lucky to have escaped alive.

To try to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it was a true example of what was happening here.

Even so, the undeads were getting more and more interested in the two mutant dragons.

Disregarding the level of the earth dragon and the red dragon, either one of them was comparable to a six-winged silver dragon!

This powerful force was undoubtedly a huge temptation for the undeads.

Ultimately, they organized nearly ten thousand undeads and began to encircle and suppress the two mutant dragons.

However, what made them vomit blood was that every time they encountered these two dragons, they would be beaten up.

Just as they sacrificed countless comrades and finally surrounded the enemy, the two mutant dragons would suddenly disappear without a trace.

Disappearing out of nowhere right under the noses of ten thousand undeads was simply driving them crazy!

What made them want to vomit blood was that not long after they lost sight of the two mutant dragons, they would suddenly appear somewhere and attack the scattered undeads everywhere, causing them to complain incessantly.

And once they chased after them again, the two mutant dragons would disappear into thin air just like before.

For a moment, the undeads began to chase after the two mutant dragons.

But every time they found them, they would disappear.

The undeads were furious!

Do you dare to come out and fight! Can you be more like a man! Can you be more like a dragon!

Whats with you two playing guerrilla warfare with us all day long

Cant you just give us a quick death

While the undeads wept without tears, someone was having a good time.

Every time she brought the two cute guys to cause trouble for the undeads, she would immediately summon Taotie and Vermilion Bird back into her body once they were in any sort of danger.

She would not leave any opportunities for the undeads.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiaos evil heart was pushed to the extreme.

On the way, she also destroyed several groups of undeads transporting dragons and released all the captured dragons.

Shen Yanxiao was having a great time, but the undead side was in chaos.

In the central region of the Hidden Dragon Continent, a tall undead in silver-gray armor was glaring at the group of high-level undeads kneeling before him with an ashen expression.

“Tell me, what exactly is going on!” The tall undead roared in anger and a strong aura of death engulfed every single one of them.

These high-level undeads who were usually regarded as high and mighty in the eyes of the low-level undead were like frightened quails in front of this tall undead as they trembled incessantly.

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