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Chapter 1775 Can You Act Like A Dragon A Bit (1)

The undeads rushed over, but they quickly noticed that something was wrong with the two dragons.

Something was wrong!

Normally, every time a dragon saw them, they would either run away at their fastest speed or fight to the death.

However, the two dragons in front of him did not move an inch.

They did not even bother to lift their eyelids.

The undeads were in a strange mood.

It was their first time encountering such easygoing dragons.

It seemed like they did not even have to fight at all.

However, just as the undeads were prepared to cast a net to tie up the two adorable dragons, the earth dragon that had been lying on the ground suddenly stood up.

It suddenly opened its mouth and spread its upper jaw and lower jaw to the extreme.

From the looks of it, the bones in its joints had been torn apart.

A beast roar that did not resemble a dragons roar exploded from the earth dragons mouth.


Accompanied by this deafening roar, the earth dragon suddenly sucked in a large amount of air and a whirlwind with powerful suction force instantly wrapped around all the undeads.

The little undeads were lifted off the ground by the strong whirlwind.

Before they could react, they were sucked toward the earth dragons mouth.

In an instant, dozens of low-level undead were directly sent into the earth dragons mouth by the strong wind.

The next second, the earth dragon shut his mouth and a series of cracking sounds spread to every undeads


Crunch… crack…

Dozens of undeads were chewed up by the earth dragon like fried beans.

All the undeads who survived the calamity were dumbstruck as they looked at their own kind being eaten by an earth dragon as food.

All of their eyes nearly dropped to the ground.

Were they dreaming

Dragons could eat undeads

What happened before their eyes caused the brain of these undeads to completely shut down.

They stared at the earth dragon that was still gnawing on their companions like fried beans in disbelief and wondered if they were seeing things.

Dragons were omnivorous.

They could eat plants or meat, but…

No one had heard of a dragon that could eat undeads!!

Their understanding of dragons had been completely overturned by this earth dragon.

Behind them, Zela was struck dumb.

He was responsible for the capture of at least hundreds of dragons.

He had also captured four-winged red dragons before, not to mention earth dragons.

He had captured at least three to four hundred earth dragons, but he had never seen an earth dragon that could be so savage!!

Eating undeads!

Was it really an earth dragon

Was it really not a mutant!

Even though the appearance of an undead was similar to a human, most of their flesh and skin carried a strong aura of death.

Not to mention eating them, it was no different from swallowing poison if they were careless.

Even though dragons were much more resistant to poison than other races, it was impossible for them to completely offset the death energy from the undeads.

However, this earth dragon in front of him was not affected by the death aura of the undead in the slightest.

No matter how he looked at it, the expressionless face of the dragon and its dragon eyes that narrowed due to satisfaction made him feel very uncomfortable.

“This… whats with this earth dragon Dont tell me it went crazy from hunger” The intermediate-level undead standing beside Zela stared at the abnormally creepy earth dragon in horror.

Undeads had powerful regenerative abilities and even low-level ones could recover fully as long as they were not fatally injured.


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