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Chapter 1773 I Am an Undead (3)

“Lord Zela, we have gained a lot this time.

The general should be satisfied when we return.” An intermediate-level undead responsible for transporting the dragons rode a skeleton horse to an high-level undead.

The high-level undead seated on the gray skeleton was named Zela.

“Satisfied Theyre just ordinary dragons.

Well see when we can bring back a six-winged silver dragon for you.” Zela snorted.

Ever since the undeads came to the Hidden Dragon Continent, the hunt for the dragons had never stopped.

They had captured countless ordinary earth dragons and sky dragons, but the number of four-winged red dragons and above had always been scarce.

As the only dragon that could not fly, earth dragons were easily captured by the undeads.

Even though the sky dragons could fly, their speed was not fast because they only had two wings.

They only needed to send out bone dragons to capture them with ease.

However, dragons with four-winged red dragons and above were not that easy to capture.

Not only were they very fast, but they were also very smart.

They had only captured a group of four-winged dragons and above when Long Yan first started his invasion, but after the central region was occupied, those high-level dragons craftily escaped.

Other than the northern region of the Hidden Dragon Continent, there were rarely any high-level dragons in the other regions.

It was just that earth dragons and sky dragons did not leave in time.

As the days went by, even the number of earth dragons and sky dragons became increasingly scarce.

In the end, they had no choice but to leave the central region and head towards the eastern, southern, and western region to capture more dragons.

In their trip this time, they had captured seventeen dragons, with all of them being earth dragons and sky dragons.

He did not even manage to capture a single four-winged red dragon.

This result made Zela dissatisfied.

Even though he was a high-level undead, his strength was not considered outstanding among undeads.

Among undeads, there were rarely any high-level undead that would travel far.

Other than those without any battle achievements or strength, high-level undeads would stay in the palace in the central region to enjoy themselves.

Right now, Zela was constantly going out to capture dragons so that he could advance as soon as possible and no longer had to rush around.

“General, you dont seem to be in a good mood recently…” The intermediate-level undead carefully looked at Zela.

Regardless of Zelas status among the high-level undeads, he was still a god-like figure among the intermediate and low-level undead.

Zela snorted and said, “Of course.

One of the targets that Long Yan had been searching for suddenly disappeared.

Not to mention the general, even the dragons are in a complete mess.

Right now, a large number of undeads have been dispatched to search for that target.

At this point, no one is idle.

If you want the general to be happy, we have to find that target as soon as possible.”

After all, the Hidden Dragon Continent was not the territory of the undead.

They cooperated with Long Yan here and they relied on each other.

The little golden dragons disappearance made Long Yan furious so even the undeads had to get busy.

Every day, a large number of undeads would be dispatched to various parts of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

“Then should we look for it too” The intermediate-level undead asked.

Zela glanced at him.

The intermediate-level undead shivered.

“Our mission is to find more dragons,” Zela said with a cold expression.

Looking for the little golden dragon

That was Long Yans problem.

Even if they were to find him, it would not be counted as their achievements.

They were only looking for the little golden dragon to show Long Yan that only these captured dragons were their real fighting strength.

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