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Chapter 1769 Discrimination (2)

During their hundred-year stay in the Brilliance Continent, the dragons understanding of humans changed from allies to loathing

They could not understand why a weak race like them would enjoy killing.

From that moment on, the dragons cut off all contact with humans and concealed the location of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

As a result, the Dragon Knights of the Brilliance Continent could no longer find any dragons.

Dragons had become a legend.

It was evident that the dragons did not like humans.

It was already rare that they could tolerate two humans staying in their territory.

However, the number of humans increased day by day, and this caused the dragons to protest.

Other than humans, magical beasts were also creatures that dragons found hard to understand.

They were clearly more powerful than humans, but they were willing to sign a contract with a weak human.

They could not figure out why they would lower their status.

Dragons were ashamed of signing a contract with humans, and magical beasts were creatures they despised.

Long Shi had a taut expression on his face.

Ever since he brought Shen Yu back to the Hidden Dragon Continent, these dragons had caused him no lack of trouble.

However, ordinary dragons could not defeat him and only a few eight-winged golden dragons could defeat him.

“Its none of your business.” Ever since Long Shi gave up on the dragons in the North, his attitude towards his peers had become extremely bad.

The eight-winged golden dragon turned pale.

Long Shi was powerful, but he was a six-winged silver dragon.

His nature was to submit to the eight-winged golden dragon.

However, Long Shis attitude made him want to vomit blood.

He did not show the slightest respect to speak of.

“None of my business You make it sound so easy.

If you were to leave with them, it would naturally not be our business.

But now that you have brought these despicable humans to our territory, how can it not be our business” The eight-winged golden dragon glared at Long Shi angrily.

“If my memory serves me right, this valley is not under the jurisdiction of any golden dragons.

This nest belongs to me and I will entertain whoever I like.” Long Shi sneered.

The valley was located in a remote area, and its location was hidden.

The resources around it were not abundant.

Before Long Yan rebelled, the valley had been vacant.

It was not until Long Yan colluded with the undead to capture the dragons that the dragons that managed to escape managed to live in seclusion here.

There were dozens of golden dragons here, and no one could overpower them and become the lord here.

Furthermore, at this special time, anyone who dared to challenge and dominate the valley was equivalent to declaring war against all the dragons.

No one would be that stupid.

“Long Shi, dont go too far! You have violated the rules of our Dragon race by signing a contract with a human.

You have brought humans here again and again.

Do you even care about our Dragon race” Long Shis arrogant attitude had infuriated the golden dragon.

Long Shi sneered and said, “So what if I have signed a contract with a human I am loyal to the Dragon race, but my kind turned a blind eye to me in times of crisis.

Instead, it was a human who saved me.

Tell me, should I listen to my kind that stood on the sidelines or the humans that saved my life”

Long Shis words caused the dragons outside the nest to gasp.

Indeed, they knew that Long Shi was besieged by undeads, but they chose to remain silent.

Instead, the human girl and her companions saved Long Shi.

For a moment, this group of dragons could not answer Long Shis question.

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