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Chapter 1766 A Loss For Both Sides (3)

Shen Yanxiao was holding onto a pair of jade pendants.

Shen Yu and Wen Ya looked at the familiar item in their daughters hands and subconsciously looked down at their waist.

That was their token of love and it would never leave their side.

“Little kid, where did you learn this” Shen Yu blushed.

His daughter had stolen his token of love, which was not something to be proud


“Father, mother, you should believe in my strength now.

My skills are pretty good and I have the Moonlight Necklace that my teacher gave me to conceal my aura.

Be it dragons or undeads, as long as I want to hide, they will never find me.” Shen Yanxiao handed over the jade pendant with a smile.

Shen Yu took the jade pendants and handed one to his wife.

“You little brat.

When did you learn how to steal” Shen Yu muttered, but the smile in his eyes revealed his appreciation for his daughter.

Even though stealing her parents token of love was not appropriate, her skills were superb!

“Uncle, auntie, dont worry.

Xiaoxiao has never met a worthy opponent in this game.

Even the three leaders of the Silver Hands have suffered at her hands.” Yang Xi chuckled.

The scene of Shen Yanxiao teasing her parents was rather interesting.

“The Silver Hands suffered at your hands” Shen Yu was surprised.

As a native of the Brilliance Continent, how could he not have heard of that thief organization

The Silver Hands had never suffered a defeat for hundreds of years.

He did not expect that they would fall into his daughters hands!

“Yes, they have all followed me and are staying in Sun Never Sets.

You can go back and take a look after the matter with the Dragon race is resolved.” Shen Yanxiao passionately invited her parents back to her golden nest for a sightseeing tour.

Shen Yu and Wen Ya were secretly amazed.

Their youngest daughter had only met them for a short time, but she had already brought them so many surprises.

A mythical beast, a holy beast, and the title of the number one thief god in the Brilliance Continent made them feel extremely proud.

“Skills alone are not omnipotent.

What if you encounter danger” Wen Ya was still worried.

“Rest assured, I have plenty of potions in my interspatial ring.

Cant I just run if they defeat me Plus, I dont believe dragons and undeads would have much resistance against curses.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“A curse” Wen Ya was surprised.

“But arent you…”

She clearly remembered that when she was in the Moon God Continent, Shen Yanxiao was skilled in archery.

Why were curses involved again

Wasnt casting curses a Warlocks skill

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose and said in embarrassment, “I have a physique that trains in both magic and battle aura.

I studied as an Archer and as for magic, I chose to be a Warlock… I also trained in concocting potions on the way, but I havent been practicing much during this period of time.

I just broke through to the level of a Great Herbalist and am still a distance away from becoming a Grandmaster Herbalist.”



In an instant, Shen Yu and Wen Ya were struck dumb.

They had always thought that Shen Yanxiao was very outstanding, but they never expected her to be so heaven-defying!

Dual-cultivation in both magic and battle aura She had even learned herbalism to the level of a Great Herbalist

If they were not sure that they gave birth to this little girl, they would have suspected that she was a little monster from somewhere.

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