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Chapter 1759 Help (4)

Hall looked at the group of bastards that suddenly appeared with his mouth agape.

Just as he was about to embrace his target, these two humans brought along three powerful magical beasts and completely disrupted his plans.

Flames shot everywhere in the sky.

Lightning flashed and thunder roared.

Pieces of bone fell like rain.

On the ground, that shockingly large magical beast chased after the undeads and gnawed on them.

Their attacks that were filled with death energy had no effect on it.

Not to mention injuring it, it did not even break the skin of that huge beast.

Where did this killing god come from Did he have to be so savage

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi looked at each other.

Realizing that they had nothing to do, they immediately found Wen Yas location.

Shen Yanxiao dashed towards her mother.

Wen Ya and the handsome man who were besieged by the undeads suddenly saw the arrival of reinforcements.

The three mythical beasts killed all the undeads around them, and the frightened undeads did not continue to attack them.

Instead, they fled for their lives.

“Xiao Ya.” The mans bright eyes stared at the petite figure that was approaching them at high speed and a trace of surprise flickered in his eyes.



“Your daughter.”

“…” The man who could maintain a perfect smile during a fight finally stiffened.

“Mother! Are you alright” Shen Yanxiao arrived before Wen Ya in an instant and nervously sized her up.

After ensuring that she was unharmed, she finally relaxed.

“Im fine.” Wen Ya looked at her daughter that she had not seen for a long time and the excitement in her eyes could not be concealed.

“Youve grown taller again, but youve also lost weight.

Are you too tired” Wen Ya reached out and touched Shen Yanxiaos fair and clean face.

In her mothers eyes, Shen Yanxiao looked tired and exhausted.

“Im fine.

Thank you for your concern, Mother,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“Why are you here I heard from Qian Yuan that you came to the Hidden Dragon Continent, and I was about to look for you.

I just didnt expect to encounter these undeads on the way.” The moment Wen Ya knew that Shen Yanxiao was in the Hidden Dragon Continent, she could not even wait for a minute.

“I came to the North.

But when I knew you were besieged, I hurried here.”

“Youve really grown up.” Wen Ya smiled and gently patted Shen Yanxiaos head.

The man on the side was as stiff as a fossil and did not utter a sound for a long time.

“Come and meet your father.” Wen Ya wiped the tears from her eyes and pulled Shen Yanxiaos hand to the man.

Shen Yu looked at the young lady standing in front of him.

She was still so petite, but her entire body radiated wisdom and strength.

There was not the slightest trace of childishness in her clear eyes.

“Xiaoer” Shen Yus voice trembled.

“Father.” Shen Yanxiaos voice also trembled.

It was the first time in her past and present life that she had called out the wordfather.

Shen Yu smiled.

The smile that blossomed on his handsome face was enough to melt the ice and snow in the winter.

He took a step forward and opened his arms to embrace his little daughter that had his blood flowing in her.

“Ive finally met you.”

With the family reunited, Yang Xi silently stood on one side as he felt happy for Shen Yanxiao.

As for the battlefield between the sky and land, he would leave it to those three bastards who wished for the world to be in chaos.

A certain family was enjoying themselves here, completely forgetting that they were still on a battlefield.

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