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Chapter 1747 You Have No Right to Die (1)

He suddenly looked up and his tear-stained face was filled with self-reproach and guilt.

His light golden eyes were filled with hatred for himself.

“If not for me, they would not have died.

If only I were not born…” The little golden dragon bit his lips and tried hard to restrain his crying Due to the devil energy in his body, his growth speed had been reduced to the extreme.

And even though he had yet to grow up, he had the ability to think.

During his ignorant days, his mother did not hesitate to self-destruct to buy more time for him to leave safely.

They ran around the Hidden Dragon Continent and hid day and night.

They had never stopped running

He looked on helplessly as his comrades died in battle one by one.

He looked at those uncles who would take care of him every day and joke with him while lying in a pool of blood.

He was afraid and he felt despair.

One by one, his comrades died.

The familiar faces were buried in the soil.

The dragons who guarded him had all chosen to end their lives in the same way before they died.

The repeated self-destructions, the blood staining the sand, and the mournful dragon cries were the last sounds left behind by their comrades in this world.

In order not to leave their bodies to the undead, the dragons chose to end their lives in the same way as their Dragon Queen.

The little golden dragon grew up in such an environment.

Endless pursuit, endless sacrifice.

Even though he was ignorant, he knew that he was a burden.

Long Yans target was him.

If he had died, his other comrades could continue living.

If he had died, they would not have to sacrifice themselves to protect him.

That feeling of guilt piled up in the little golden dragons heart and almost crushed his immature heart.

As for what he heard earlier on, it was similar to a bolt from the blue and it shocked him for a long time.

In the beginning, the group he had with him was very large.

After tens of thousands of dragons fought a bloody battle, they still had enough strength to hide.

However, Long Yans pursuers were like jackals.

They did not give them any time to rest.

They fought day and night and fought with their lives on the line countless times.

After the little golden dragon left Long Miao, he spent every day escaping.

He never thought that Long Yan could determine their position because of him.

It was him who had exposed his tracks and pushed his comrade into a desperate situation again and again.

He was the real murderer, the murderer that killed so many of his comrades.

“I dont want to go to the North.

I dont want to implicate anyone else.” The little golden dragon suddenly stood up and released his grip on Shen Yanxiao.

He suddenly dashed to the edge of Vermilion Birds back, opened his arms, and jumped into the sky.

“Damn it!” Shen Yanxiao cursed.

She leaped and flew out to grab the little golden dragon.

“Let go of me! Let me die! I dont want to kill anyone else!” The little golden dragon struggled to break free from Shen Yanxiaos embrace as tears the size of beans continuously dripped down from his eyes.

He hated it.

He hated his helplessness.

He hated the devil energy in his body.

He hated himself for not understanding everything sooner.

A good-for-nothing like him that could only drag down his comrades should not be living in this world.


A crisp and clear sound of a slap suddenly sounded.

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