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Chapter 1745 Devil Energy (2)

Vermilion Bird dragged the little golden dragon to Xiu.

Xiu reached out his hand and the little golden dragon shrunk his neck while trembling.

He gently placed his ice-cold hand on the little golden dragons head.

The little golden dragon trembled like autumn leaves in the wind as he looked at Vermilion Bird with watery eyes.

Vermilion Bird chose to ignore his gaze.

Strands of divine power were transmitted from Xius hand to the little golden dragons head and spread throughout his body.

Minutes and seconds passed and Xius expression slightly changed.

He slowly retracted his strength and removed his hand from the little golden dragons head.

The nervous little guy suddenly pounced on Shen Yanxiao subconsciously and grabbed her sleeves while shivering.

He bit his lips and looked at Xiu.

“Whats wrong” Shen Yanxiao looked at the little golden dragon and asked softly.

The little golden dragon trembled.

“It hurts…”


The divine power of the God race was a power that dragons liked.

Not only would it not cause them any pain, but it would also make them feel comfortable.

But why did Xius divine power make the little golden dragon feel pain “He has devil energy in his body.” Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and frowned.

“Devil energy”

“Devil energy is an innate aura of the Devil race.

When they control demons and demon beasts, they release the devil energy in their bodies to exert deterrence on the demons and demon beasts so that they would listen to their orders.

This golden dragons body is suffused with a large amount of devil energy and the devils have a magic tool that specializes in detecting devil energy.

The undead have always been followers of the devils, so its impossible for them not to have that magic tool.

That traitorous dragon had collaborated with the undeads, so its very likely that they used that magic tool to locate the little golden dragon.” Xius expression was not very good.

Even though he was in his soul form, he would immediately notice if there was devil energy around him.

However, he did not sense anything unusual with the little golden dragon.

Creatures that were plagued by devil energy would more or less be abnormal.

Other than the creatures from the Underworld, even the undeads would experience great pain if they were injected with devil energy.

However, the little golden dragon did not react in any way.

“The devil energy in his body has fused with his body and this power has been integrated into his bones and blood.

If I did not use my divine power to investigate, Im afraid I would not have been able to easily detect it.”

“It was Long Yan” Shen Yanxiao looked at the little guy hiding by her side in surprise.

Xiu shook his head.

“He was born with it.”

“How is that possible The Dragon race and the Devil race are not close.

Moreover, the passage to the Underworld was sealed before Doudou was born.” Yang Xi could not accept this explanation.

Devils had disappeared from the world for a long time.

Moreover, the little golden dragon was still an egg at that time.

Not long after it hatched, it was forced to run for its life and never had the chance to meet any devils.

Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly said, “That red dragon said that the mother of the golden dragon had been severely injured by a devil general.”

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

“As far as I know, the strength of a devil general is only inferior to Satan.

Even if Long Miao was an eight-winged golden dragon, it would be hard for her to heal herself.

If she was injured by a devil general, there would certainly be a large amount of devil energy left in her body.

During this period, she gave birth to a child and the devil energy in her body would naturally transfer to the dragon egg,” Xiu narrowed his eyes and said.

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