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Chapter 1743 Doudou

Unfortunately, crying did not stop the dragons from leaving.

With the exception of the injured red dragon, Qian Yuan and the other red dragon transformed into dragons and flew towards the North with their comrades.


Shen Yanxiao had a headache about how to comfort the crying little golden dragon.

Shen Yanxiao had no choice but to hand him over to Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird, who could already skillfully take care of Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon, looked at his master speechlessly.

He then silently pulled the little golden dragon to one side and skillfully coaxed him.

“Im afraid the little guy will cry.” Shen Yanxiao rubbed her eyebrows.

She had learned many skills in her previous life, but she had never learned how to take care of a little child.

Xiu slowly approached Shen Yanxiao and hugged her from behind.

“You dont have to worry.”


“Our child will not cry so easily.”

“…” Great master, do you have to be so obvious

Vermilion Bird gradually appeased the little golden dragon.

He grabbed a bag of fried beans from Taoties stash and fed the little golden dragon one by one.

The little golden dragon sat on the ground with his mouth open as he waited for Vermilion Bird to feed him.

Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon stood on one side, jumping up and down.

They were curious about their new comrade.

Perhaps because there were many friends of the same age as him, the little golden dragons mood gradually stabilized.

“Speaking of which, we cant always call him His Little Highness, right” Yang Xi stood on one side and touched his chin.

He liked dragons very much.

As a Dragon Knight, he even dreamed of getting himself a dragon.

There was a ready-made one right in front of him, but he was too young.

He would probably crush him to death with one butt, let alone using him as a mount.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Vermilion Bird feeding the little golden dragon beans and said, “Why dont we call him Little Dou”


Several pairs of eyes looked at Shen Yanxiao in unison.

Yang Xi, Vermilion Bird, Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix all looked at her with contempt.

Taotie was not free.

He was grieving over his dwindling rations.

“Are you planning to tell Qian Yuan and the rest that their Little Highness has been named Long Dou” Yang Xis lips twitched.

He seemed to have accidentally discovered something that someone was not good at.

“Do you want to be called Doudou” Shen Yanxiao did not think there was anything bad about this name.

“Long Doudou” Yang Xi facepalmed.

He felt that they would be strangled to death by Qian Yuan.

“They can rename him in the future.” Shen Yanxiao did not intend to call the little golden dragonHis Highness.

She was not a dragon.

At most, she would be considered a comrade of the dragons.

Without waiting for others to agree, Shen Yanxiao said to the little golden dragon who was busy eating fried beans, “Doudou, you have to follow us during this period of time.

We will protect you.”

The little golden dragon tilted his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao in confusion.

He seemed to know that Shen Yanxiao was calling for him, but he was not sure.

“Lets call him Doudou.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

She was happy with the little golden dragons response.

“…” Yang Xi had the urge to die.

“Sure.” Xiu faintly answered and agreed with the name Shen Yanxiao had chosen.

Vermilion Bird was speechless.

He was extremely glad that he had a name.

Otherwise, it would have been extremely ugly if he were to encounter such an incompetent master.

The little golden dragon blinked.

He did not know that someone had labeled him asDoudou.

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