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Chapter 1733 Purification (1)

“It should be possible.” Shen Yanxiao had never tried it herself.

However, since Xiu said it was possible, it should not be a problem.

Even if she was incapable, there was still Xiu behind her.

Shen Yanxiao took out some water and some clean clothes from her interspatial ring and asked the two red dragons to clean up.

Their clothes were so dirty that their original color had faded.

After they cleaned up and changed their clothes, she asked them to sit down in front of the bonfire.

She followed Xius guidance and mobilized the divine power hidden in her body bit by bit.

That power was an invisible power that was not easily detected in her body.

Without Xius guidance, she might not even know that such power was hidden in her body.

The feeling of the divine power was very slight and Shen Yanxiao had to put her full attention as she carefully mobilized it.

After a round of experimentation, a faint halo brewed in Shen Yanxiaos palm.

It was a very small golden halo, but the divine aura it radiated was very dense.

The moment the two red dragons felt this power, they felt the restless death aura in their bodies being suppressed.

Shen Yanxiao merely condensed a halo of divine power and it was enough to suppress the death aura in their bodies to the extent it could no longer spread.

The strength of divine power was indeed worthy of being the number one in the world.

Qian Yuan held his breath and looked at the pure holy light.

He was fortunate enough to have participated in the war between gods and devils with Long Huang and Long Miao.

He still remembered that during the war between gods and devils, the God race had radiated such power.

The way Qian Yuan looked at Shen Yanxiao became complicated and his eyes were covered with shock.

He knew that Shen Yanxiao was a mixed-blood.

Other than her human bloodline, the Dragon Emperors bloodline had also been infused into her body.

However, both bloodlines had nothing to do with the God race.

So how could she utilize the power exclusive to the God race

Shen Yanxiao carefully condensed the divine power in her hand.

This was her first attempt and she did not dare to be careless.

If she were to be careless, the divine power she had painstakingly condensed would disperse.

At that moment, the little golden dragon stuck his head out.

He looked at the halo on Shen Yanxiaos palm with his ignorant eyes and something seemed to be flickering in his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao finally managed to gather her strength.

She looked at the severely injured red dragon and nodded.

The red dragon looked at Shen Yanxiao nervously.

He was much younger than Qian Yuan and had never seen a real god.

Therefore, he was not sure what was the power in Shen Yanxiaos hands.

However, as that power approached, his internal organs that were corroded by death aura became much more comfortable and the pain was fading away bit by bit.



Shen Yanxiao slowly pressed the condensed power on the red dragons chest.

She narrowed her eyes and held her breath as she released the divine power.

The holy power gradually entered the red dragons body after it sensed the death aura.

Even though it was only the size of a palm, the divine power immediately flowed towards the red dragon the moment it entered his body.

Strands of death aura hidden in the red dragons body were purified by the divine power and strands of gray mist evaporated from his skin, completely separating from the red dragons body.

In an instant, the divine power had purified the death aura in the red dragons body!

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