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An intermediate warlock would be comparable to an intermediate magus.

Even if they searched throughout the entire Magus Division, none of the students could have advanced to an intermediate-level magus at the age of thirteen.

Qi Xia only stepped across the threshold to become an intermediate magus at the age of fourteen.

His talent as a magus was something so rare that it could only be seen once in a thousand years.

His ability could also match that of Ouyang Huanyu.

Furthermore, the advancement of a warlock was more challenging than a magus.

If Shen Jue was an intermediate warlock at the age of thirteen, would he not be more terrifying than Ouyang Huanyu

If that were the case, the wordterrifying would not suffice to describe him, as he was practically an abnormality!

Ling Yue chuckled.

“I might have overthought about it.

His possibility was the highest based on various information, but his age does not match.” An intermediate warlock at the age of thirteen No one would believe if even if the news was spread throughout the continent.

“Lets continue to search then.

Pay attention and check the badges of students coming in later to see if there are any clues.” Other than the antidote, those ten badges was also a crucial point.

Kang Si and Na ken nodded.

The teachers then brought their teams into the tent in succession as Kang Si, and Na Ken checked their badges one by one.

All of the students had returned to the encampment, and the badges were all handed in.

However, they still did not manage to locate the missing badges from the two teams, and they were puzzled by that little problem.

“It seems like it has been carefully dealt with.

That warlock is very prudent in his movements.” After they had checked for an entire day, Kang Si was mentally exhausted as he sat down and rubbed his aching temples.

“Could we have guessed wrong Perhaps that persons motive was to draw our attention away, and he had no intention to use those seized badges and antidote anyway” Na Ken was also tired.

He was about to go crazy after he had checked over a thousand badges.

“That is also possible.” Ling Yue nodded.

He relied too heavily on those two clues, and he had assumed that the warlock would use those ten badges and three bottles of antidote.

However, it was also highly likely that he did not even intend to use those.

Was everything done to lure their attention so that he could do something else instead

If so, there was no need to utilize curses during the test as no one would have noticed his existence if he did not cast any.

None of those made any sense at all.

The teachers were all confused by the conundrum.

It was as if they had managed to grab some leads, but it was also as if they had nothing.

“Forget it.

Lets see how the dean intends to deal with this.

I have already sent someone to convey this information to the dean, and I believe he has a countermeasure.” As they were utterly helpless with that particular problem, Ling Yue could only temporarily put it aside.

“By the way, how is the calculation We should finalize the results by the end of today so that we can make our way back to the academy in the morning.” Ling Yue asked the ten teachers who were responsible for computing the results.

Even though there were over a thousand students, but the magis efficiency was not something that normal people could understand.

Those teachers looked up from the pile of statistics and then looked at Ling Yue with a sour face.

“Teacher Ling Yue, we are unable to make decisions with regards to this years results!”

“Whats wrong” Ling Yue was astonished.

Those teachers immediately placed the arranged statistics before Ling Yue and wept without tears.

“Take a look at this.

A large number of students had been eliminated in the middle of the test.”

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