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Even though a six-winged bone dragon was powerful, it had to face two mythical beasts and one holy beast.

Furthermore, there was also a red dragon at its peak that was eyeing it covetously.

Not to mention a six-winged bone dragon, even a resurrected eight-winged bone dragon could only bow to such a savage team.

Relying on his huge physique, Taotie directly rushed to the bone dragon and continuously knocked it away from the two injured red dragons.

The bone dragon released an ear-piercing dragon roar and spat out green flames of death, wanting to burn the magical beast before it to death.

However, when the flame of death touched Taotie, it merely brushed past him and did not leave any marks on him.

As an ancient vicious beast, Taoties origin was dark elements.

Dark elements were the same as the death energy of the undead.

Taoties resistance against death energy was so high that it made ones hair stand.

Unless it was an eight-winged bone dragon that was close to a legendary magical beast, the death energy of ordinary bone dragons could not even penetrate Taoties defense!

Unable to force Taotie back, the bone dragon continuously suffered from Taoties attacks, so much so its hard bones started to make cracking sounds.

It wanted to escape from Taoties attack range.

However, just as it spread out its six bone wings, endless flames and streaks of ice-blue lightning descended from the sky and smashed onto the bone dragons wings!

Vermilion Bird and Azure Dragon hovered in the air and bombarded the bone dragons relatively thin wings.

In an instant, four of the bone dragons six wings were broken and the huge bones fell to the ground.

In the face of three incomparably powerful magical beasts, the bone dragon did not have the slightest leeway to fight back and was incapable of flying high up in the sky.

It was incapable of harming Azure Dragon and Vermilion Bird at all.

In the face of Taotie who was on the ground at the level of a holy beast, it was constantly suppressed.

The bone dragon that was incomparably ferocious in front of red dragons had become an unlucky bastard that could only get beaten up.

The frenzied attacks of the three magical beasts had shattered the momentum of the bone dragon.

Pieces of broken bones fell from the bone dragons body, and its mournful cries echoed throughout the sky.

The two severely injured red dragons were completely stunned.

They had no idea where the two humans and the three magical beasts came from or why they wanted to save them.

As they looked at the bone dragon that had chased them for many years and forced them into a dead end, getting beaten up by three magical beasts, they almost forgot about the severe pain in their bodies as they stared at the reversal in shock.

Qian Yuan still wanted to fight, but he discovered that the bone dragon was incapable of resisting the combined might of Taotie and the rest.

He did not even have the chance to attack.

He had never seen Taotie and the rest attacking.

Previously, he only knew that they were magical beasts belonging to Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi.

As for their levels, he did not know.

But from the looks of it, the combined attack of these three magical beasts was comparable to an eight-winged golden dragon!.


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