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Chapter 1725 Rescue (1)

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“Holy light Are you referring to the God race Haha… The God race has been extinct for so many years, but you pathetic bastards still care about the God race.

Wake up,

the God race is gone! You will never have your god again!” The undead laughed wildly.

The God race was the core of the six races, but for the undead, the God race was a nightmare.

The divine power that the God race radiated was the nemesis of the undead.

During the war between gods and devils, the God races divine army had caused countless

casualties in the undead army.

What the undead feared the most was holy light.

As long as the God race existed, there would be no day for the undead to rise.

Probably no one was happier than the undead about the demise of the God race.

“Damn it!” The red dragon glared at the undead in anger.

They were at the end of their ropes.

In the face of the powerful bone dragon, the two of them could not contend against it.

Once they died, then…

Under the command of the undead, the bone dragon issued a threatening roar.

A loud dragons roar echoed in the valley at night.

Amidst the dragons roar, a cry of surprise sounded from the little guy that was protected by the two red dragons.

Looking at the bone dragon that was getting closer and

closer, that little figure shivered in the darkness while crying, and it sounded extremely heart-wrenching.

“Haha!” When the undead saw the little guys reaction, they seemed to find it very interesting.

They were not in a hurry to have the bone dragon eliminate them.

In any case,

in their opinion, these three were already their prey.

“Its hard to imagine that theres such a timid eight-winged golden dragon.” Another undead laughed.

When the word eight-winged golden dragon was said, everyone hiding behind the rock immediately revealed a trace of surprise.

“That little guy is an eight-winged golden dragon” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

This piece of news caused a thought to arise in her mind.

She subconsciously looked at Qian

Yuan and noticed that his expression had changed greatly.

Could it be that the little kid that the two red dragons were protecting was the child of Long Huang and Long Miao

Plus, that undead had said that he had chased them for more than a thousand years.

Taking this into account, this might be true.

However, even though the growth period of a dragon was long, it would only take a few hundred years for a young dragon to grow into an adult dragon.

If the child of Long

Huang and Long Miao was still alive, it was impossible for it to be that small.

That little guy clearly looked like an underage dragon.

“There seems to be something wrong with his age.” Naturally, Qian Yuan knew what Shen Yanxiaos conjecture was.

Just a moment ago, he had the same conjecture but very

soon, he came up with the same conjecture as Shen Yanxiao.

Their ages did not match!

“Perhaps its the child of another eight-winged golden dragon” Yang Xi said.

It was impossible for there to be only one young dragon in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

If it

was not the child of Long Huang, it could also be the child of another eight-winged golden dragon that Long Yan had persecuted.

Just as they were speaking, the bone dragon had launched an attack on the two red dragons.

The two red dragons immediately transformed into dragons and one of them lifted the little guy onto its back.

At that moment, moonlight sprinkled down and illuminated that childs face.

It was a young and inexperienced face that was in a state of panic.

His delicate and small facial features were out of this world, and his light golden eyes were brimming with


Bean-sized tears continuously rolled down from his eyes.

Someone once said that an eight-winged golden dragon was the closest existence to the God race, and that pair of light golden dragon eyes was the greatest sign!.

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