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Chapter 1714: Hidden Dragon Continent (2)

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They flew continuously.

Occasionally, the three dragons would rest on a small island, but most of the time, their time was spent flying.

After more than forty days of flight, a layer of fog suddenly appeared in the boundless sea.

A large amount of fog covered the scenery in front of them, forming a natural fog wall.

“Were almost there.” Qian Yuans voice was filled with excitement.

“The Hidden Dragon Continent is behind this fog” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“The Hidden Dragon Continent is located in this fog.

There are many volcanoes in the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Those volcanoes had evaporated a large amount of gas and spiritual force, thus forming this fog,” Qian Yuan explained.

“No wonder humans cant find the continent of dragons no matter how hard they search.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

With such a large fog, people who were unfamiliar with it would not dare to approach it.

Even if a human ship sailed here, they would subconsciously turn around when they saw such a large


Moreover, after passing through the fog, it was highly likely that they would miss the Hidden Dragon Continent.

“We are about to enter the fog.

Use your magic and battle aura to protect yourselves.

The temperature of the steam in the fog is very high and it will bun your skin.” Qian Yuan reminded them before they entered the fog.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi immediately made preparations.

The three dragons dashed into the mist.

The dense fog covered everything around them.

They would lose their sense of direction very soon after entering the fog, Other than the dragons that could sense the Hidden Dragon Continent, it was extremely difficult for anyone to find the right direction in the fog.

For half a day, Shen Yanxiao and the rest had been flying in the fog.

Even though they were using their battle aura to protect themselves, they could still feel the high temperature in the fog.

Not to mention passing through the fog, just resisting the high temperature would probably be difficult.

The temperature here was almost the same as the temperature in the cave in the Lava Valley.

Finally, they passed through the fog and in an instant, an incomparably vast continent appeared in their line of sight.

‘The Hidden Dragon Continent that had been hidden in the sea for thousands of years finally revealed its elegance before Shen Yanxiao!

Mountains and forests rose and fell, and the border could not be seen.

Countless volcanoes were situated in the Hidden Dragon Continent and were spraying hot lava into the air.

Steam continuously rose from the volcanic crater and blended into the fog.

Dragons had a natural resistance to fire, and they could live a good life even near volcanoes.

Fire magic was extremely ineffective against dragons, and even Vermilion Bird admitted that the damage his flames could inflict on dragons was very little.

When they flew above the Hidden Dragon Continent, Qian Yuan and the other two dragons immediately lowered their altitude.

There were eight-winged golden dragons in various areas of the Hidden Dragon Continent, and it was tantamount to challenging the other partys prestige to fly freely in their


The dragons landed on the ground.

Shen Yanxiao, Yang Xi, Vermilion Bird and Taotie jumped down from Qian Yuans back.

All of them were in a strange mood as they stepped on this unfamiliar land.

Qian Yuan transformed into his human form and looked at his hometown that he had not seen for two thousand years.

He sighed internally.

“This is the southern region of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

We have to pass through at least four to five territories before we can enter His Majestys territory,” Qian Yuan said..

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