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Chapter 1713: Hidden Dragon Continent (1)

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The Dragon race was a powerful race second only to the God race and the Devil race.

The Dragon race possessed strength that other races could not compare to.

Every dragon possessed a huge physique and dragon scales that were as hard to penetrate as armor.

On the battlefield, the dragons were similar

to siege weapons.

Wherever they went, corpses would be everywhere.

Among dragons, there was a clear division of ranks.

Even though the lowest-level earth dragon had a pair of dragon wings, they did not possess the ability to fly.

After them were the two-winged sky dragon, four-winged red dragon, six-winged silver dragon and eight-winged golden dragon.

For dragons, the number of dragon wings represented their strength.

Earth dragons were the most numerous, followed by the sky dragons.

As the lowest-ranked flying dragons, their numbers were also very large.

There were only three types of dragons that could transform into humans.

Red dragon, silver dragon and golden dragon.

The higher the rank, the fewer there were.

As the supreme commander of dragons, an eight-winged golden dragon had jurisdiction over all dragons in its territory.

Before the war between gods and devils, there were hundreds of eight-winged golden dragons.

They were distributed throughout the various regions of the Hidden Dragon Continent, and each of them had their own territory.

With eight-winged golden dragons as the center, the dragons formed one tribe

after another.

However, during the war between gods and devils, eight-winged golden dragons were the key to fight against the main army of the Devil race.

Countless were killed and injured in the entire war.

In the end, only one-tenth of the total population of eight-winged golden dragons survived the war, and

many of them were seriously injured.

‘The eight-winged golden dragon that Qian Yuan and his group of dragons followed was named the Dragon Emperor.

He had once led an army to participate in the war between gods and devils and had killed a nameless devil general in the war.

Even among eight-winged golden dragons, the Dragon

Emperors strength was top-notch.

“My kings wife is Long Miao, who is also an eight-winged golden dragon.

However, as a female golden dragon, she is much smaller than a male golden dragon.

After my king left, the area he occupied should have been led by Long Miao.

Even though Long Miao is a female, she is very strong.


eight-winged golden dragons are not her opponent.” When Qian Yuan flew to the Hidden Dragon Continent, he could not help but chat to Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi about the Dragon race.

‘The Dragon Emperor was already dead.

They did not know if the severely injured Long Miao could survive the past two thousand years.

Also, did their Little Dragon Emperor successfully hatch and grow up


They were eager to return to the Hidden Dragon Continent because they wanted to know everything.

“My kings territory is at the center of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

That is where the Dragon Vein is located.” Qian Yuan said unhurriedly.

‘The Hidden Dragon Continent was the real name of the Dragon Continent.

It had been five days since they set off from the Forsaken Land.

They had flown away from the Brilliance Continent and were flying toward the boundless sea.

“How long will it take to travel from here to the Hidden Dragon Continent” Shen Yanxiao asked.

When they took a ship from the Brilliance Continent to the Moon God Continent, it took them an entire month.

Naturally, the speed of a ship could not be compared to the speed of a dragon.

However, the

Hidden Dragon Continent had never been seen by any humans, so it should be very far from the Brilliance Continent.

Otherwise, with the curiosity of humans, they would have found it long ago!!

“From today onwards, it will take at least another month.” Qian Yuans answer confirmed Shen Yanxiaos guess.

Shen Yanxiao and Yang Xi looked at each other and as expected, they saw the same expression in each others eyes.

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