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Chapter 1693: Number One Person of the Brilliance Continent (5)

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The leaders of the four countries had recently encountered something extremely depressing.

Not long after Shen Yanxiao extorted them, they received an invitation from the Broken Star Palace.

In less than a months time, the Dages of the Broken Star Palace had visited one by one from the capital of the four countries, with only one message.

Their Palace Master wished to have a “chat” with the rulers of the four countries.

Even though the four countries had contact with the Broken Star Palace, it was only limited to meeting with a few Sages.

However, going to the Broken Star Palace… not to mention them, none of their predecessors had personally gone there.

If the Broken Star Palace had previously sent an invitation to the four countries, the rulers of the four countries would have certainly prepared generous gifts to pay them a visit.

However, the situation was different now!

They had only met Shen Yanxiao a while back, and turned their hostility into friendship.

But now, the Broken Star Palace wanted to invite them for achat!

The Broken Star Palace and Shen Yanxiao were mortal enemies!

Thischat would probably have something to do with them.

After Sage Feng left, the rulers of the four countries trembled like quails.

They gathered all their wisdom bags together and started an intense discussion about whether they should go or not.

Go ahead.

Life and death are unknown, and theres a ninety percent chance of bad luck.

However, if they did not go, they would certainly die.

They would be ignoring the Broken Star Palaces Palace Mastersinvitation.

Such an act of not giving them face was enough for them to die millions of times.

In the end, the four countries made a consensus.

There was still a 10% chance that they could survive.

It was better than 100% dying, right

With the mentality that they would very likely be beaten up by the Broken Star Palace, the rulers of the four countries ordered their subordinates to prepare the best treasures they could plunder in the country.

No matter what, they had to prepare enough presents so that the Broken Star Palace could

relieve their anger.

‘The Emperor of the Longxuan Empire wanted to bring some experts and troops to bolster his courage, but Prince Long Yues words dispelled that thought.

“Even if we bring every single soldier in the country with us, the people the Broken Star Palace wants to kill wont be able to escape.

Besides, bringing our soldiers will only infuriate them.” Long Yue had matured steadily after several incidents, and he gradually had the foresight and wisdom of a king.

Ultimately, the rulers of the four countries only brought a small group of men and horses to transport the presents.

As for why they did not use interspatial rings, it was to show that they had brought a lot of items along.

The visual impact of dozens of carriages was naturally larger than a small interspatial ring.

Sage Feng waited for the rulers of the four countries at the intersection.

Seven days later, the entourages of the four countries appeared outside this small teahouse.

The four countries that had been fighting against each other for thousands of years had become ants on a rope.

Other than the Emperor himself, State Master Pei Yuan had also come with the people of the Longxuan Empire.

Long Yue wanted to follow, but he was rejected by the Emperor.

If the Broken Star Palace really wanted to deal with them, their trip would certainly end in a disaster.

He could die because the crown prince of the Longxuan Empire had grown up to be independent.

As long as Long Yue was still alive, the Longxuan Empire would not fall into chaos.

The king of the Blue Moon Dynasty was even more efficient than the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire.

Other than the accompanying troops, he did not even wear a single official or prince.

On the other hand, the Elders of the Elders Council of the Seventh Kingdom and the members of the Brotherhood Alliance were all present.

The Broken Star Palace had invited all the rulers of the four countries, so the top echelons of the Seventh Kingdom and the God Wind Alliance had to appear..

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