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Chapter 1692: Number One Person of the Brilliance Continent (4)

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Leng Ye happily accepted the mission.

The Dragon Knights love for the Dragon race had reached an obsessive level.

Even Yang Xi, who was usually cold and detached, had been running to where Qian Yuan and the rest were staying for the past few days.

When he had nothing better to do, he would touch the dragons scales and apply some medicine on its claws.

His enthusiasm made Tang Nazhi dumbstruck.

Yang Xi did not have a mount, but that did not mean he did not want one.

He just wanted the dragons to accept him, and he still had a long way to go before he could accomplish that.

Leng Ye had spent dozens of years meticulously caring for the dragons before he obtained their recognition, so Yang Xi had to continue working hard.

Shen Yanxiao, however, did not think that the other three dragons would sign a contract with Yang Xi.

At the very least, Qian Yuan had once told her that Yang Xi had the greatest potential among all the Dragon Knights he had ever seen.

With Yang Xis talents, the earth dragon and two-winged sky dragon

would be a good match for him.

Only dragons with four-winged and above could unleash Yang Xis full potential.

As for Qian Yuan himself, he had no other thoughts due to the death of the eight-winged golden dragon.

He only wanted to bring the ashes of the eight-winged golden dragons heart back to the Dragon Continent.

Of the four dragons in Sun Never Sets, only Qian Yuan could transform into his human form while the other three dragons appeared in front of everyone in their dragon forms.

The appearance of the three sky dragons had shocked the people in Sun Never Sets even more than the arrival of the Broken Star Palace.

A powerful race that had disappeared from the Brilliance Continent since the war between gods and devils had reappeared!

Furthermore, four of them appeared at once!

Not to mention the ordinary citizens, even the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group started to find various excuses to peep at the dragons.

As Shen Yanxiao had ordered that no one was allowed to disturb the dragons rest, the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group could only steal a few glances when they delivered food to the dragons.

Dragons had an astonishing appetite, and the food they delivered to them was calculated based on the number of carriages.

There were three sky dragons, and each one of them ate as much as seven to eight carriages of food.

As for Qian Yuan who was a four-winged red dragon, he could eat fifteen carriages of food in one meal!

If it were someone else, they would probably go broke trying to feed these dragons.

However, although Shen Yanxiao did not have much food, she had a lot of money.

The land that Uncle Nine had reclaimed in the Forsaken Land had brought about a huge harvest.

Right now, the granary in Sun Never Sets

was still piled up with food.

If Shen Yanxiao had not raised a foodie like Taotie, the granary in Sun Never Sets would probably be full.

Every time the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group transported food to the dragons, it would be done by a different member.

It was as if they had discussed beforehand so everyone of them could have the chance to see the appearance of the dragons.

Concerning for the benefits of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, the Silver Hands members felt aggrieved.

They also wanted to see the dragons, but they could not disobey Shen Yanxiaos orders.

Therefore, they could not assume the task of delivering food to the dragons.

They had once thought of sneaking in with their skills, but on the first day, Shen Yanxiao kicked them out the door.

In front of a thief god, thieves like them had nowhere to hide.

Since they could not see the dragons, the Silver Hands could only crouch in a comer and bite their handkerchiefs in frustration.

While doing so, they also had to listen to Su Feihuans vivid description of the might and strength of the dragon race… This third-in-charge who had Shen Yanxiaos special permission to see the dragons did not care about their feelings at all!

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