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Chapter 1689: Number One Person of the Brilliance Continent (1)

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There were more than three hundred thousand slaves in total.

It seemed like a large number, but there were still many empty cities in the Forsaken Land, so it was easy for her to take these people in.

On the morning of the third day, Shen Yanxiao returned to the Forsaken Land with her demon army, all the members of the Broken Star Palace, and 300,000 slaves.

Shen Yanxiaos return had brought about a huge shock to Sun Never Sets.

Du Lang and the others stood outside the City Lords Mansion and their eyes nearly popped out when they saw those people behind the demon army.

Even though those people had their heads lowered and followed behind the demons, their aura had exposed their strength.

“More than ten thousand Second-Class experts… how is that possible” Evil Wolf who stood beside Du Lang rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

If his memory served him right, their Lord should have led the demons to attack the Broken Star Palace.

What was with these ten thousand Second-Class Experts

Prisoners of war

Evil Wolf felt like he was about to go crazy.

“They are from the Broken Star Palace” Du Lang swallowed his saliva.

Not to mention Evil Wolf and the rest, even he found it hard to accept what he saw.

Had the Broken Star Palace, the organization that stood at the peak of the Brilliance Continent, really been eradicated by Shen Yanxiao

Were they really prisoners of war

“Du Lang, get someone to tidy up Dim City.

From today onwards, members of the Broken Star Palace will be residing in Dim City.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the dumbstruck Du Lang, Dim City was one of the five main cities in the Forsaken Land, and the current city lord of Dim City was not her, but Qi Xia.

With the exception of Qi Xia, Yang Xi, Yan Yu, each of them had a main city to their name, while Li Xiaowei and Tang Nazhi both shared one main city.

The five main cities in the Forsaken Land were all given to her Phantom members.

At present, of the five main cities, only Sun Never Sets was crowded.

As for the other four cities, only a small number of slaves were living there to maintain the normal operations of the cities.

Similar to Sun Never Sets, the requirements to enter the other four main cities were also very high.

Qi Xia and the rest were already interested in moving the four great aristocratic families to the four main cities to oversee the city.

Shen Yanxiao was also at ease with handing over the Broken Star Palace to Qi Xia.

With his intellect, it was not difficult for him to manage these people.

Even though the members of the Broken Star Palace were powerful, they were not a scheming bunch due to their long seclusion from society.

For Qi Xia, that crafty fox, manipulating them was an easy matter.

“Lord, did you really destroy the Broken Star Palace Are these prisoners of war” Evil Wolf looked at Shen Yanxiao excitedly.

“They are not prisoners of war.

They are the new members of the Forsaken Land.

From today onwards, the Broken Star Palace will belong to the Forsaken Land,” Shen Yanxiao explained.

Everyone gasped.

Not only did Shen Yanxiao destroy the Broken Star Palace, but she also took over the remaining forces of the palace and recruited all of them under her wing!

This was simply unbelievable!

To add on to everything, the God Realm was exceptionally friendly to the Forsaken Land.

Moreover, the founder of the God Realm was their Lords brother!

And now that Shen Yanxiao had taken over the Broken Star Palace, they would have to follow her orders in the future.

Looking at the current Brilliance Continent, who could compete with the Forsaken Land

The surrender of the two great organizations in the Brilliance Continent had pushed Shen Yanxiaos influence to the peak!

From now on, Shen Yanxiao would become the number one person in the Brilliance Continent!

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