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Chapter 1683: Dragons Heart (2)

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When Shen Yanxiao snuck into the Broken Star Palace, she had visited all seven

palaces, but she did not see any dragons

It was not until that Dragon Knight led them to a secret door that Shen Yanxiao

learned that there were many hidden passages in the Broken Star Palace.

Just as the hidden door hidden behind a mural was opened, several furious

dragon roars could be heard.

The powerful aura of the Dragon race permeated throughout the entire


Aimost the instant Yang Xi entered the darkroom, he felt the battle

aura in his body continuously roiling.

“Whats wrong Shen Yanxiao noticed Yang Xis abnormality.

Yang Xi touched his nose and forced a smile.

“As a useless Dragon Knight, you

have to understand my battle auras yearning for a dragon.

The aura of the dragon was extremely attractive to a Dragon Knight who had

yet to signa contract with the dragon.

There are a few dragons here that have yet to be contracted.

If you are

interested, you can give it a try.

However, their tempers are very bad.” The

Dragon Knight looked at Yang Xi.

He knew Yang Xis identity.

As a Dragon

Knight, he could understand the abnormal reaction in Yang Xis body.

“The dragons are very aggressive.

How did you suppress them here Shen

Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

The dark room was pitch-black and she could not

see the road ahead.

However, she could guess that it was very spacious from

the echo.

The Dragon Knight hesitated.

He pursed his lips and hesitated for a moment

before he said, “Theres a heart of an eight-winged golden dragon here.”

What Shen Yanxiao suddenly stopped and looked at the Dragon Knight in


The Dragon Knights face was filled with pain.

For a Dragon Knight, dragons

were extremely precious.

It could be said that for them, dragons were

comparable to magical beasts that had yet to sign a contract

“Ouyang Huanyu gave it to the previous Palace Master.

Ouyang Huanyu used a

special method to release the dragons might from the dragons heart.


eight-winged golden dragons might would suppress the other dragons here,

but at the same time, after they sensed the death of their peerless golden

dragon, the dragons here became exceptionally iritable and furious.”

The status of an eight-winged golden dragon was similar to the Elf King in the

Dragon race, but there was more than one of them.

Imagine if the elves were locked up in the darkroom with the Elf Kings heart


It would be strange if the elves did not go crazy.

Ouyang Huanyu and that bastard collaborateda lot Shen Yanxiao frowned.

The rarity of an eight-winged golden dragon was similar to that of a human at

the Divine level.

Who was Ouyang Huanyu to be able to obtain the heart of an

eight-winged golden dragon

“Ouyang Huanyu passed the Transfer Skill to the previous Palace Master.


than the Transfer Skill, he would also send some other items.

Similarly, the

iroken Star Palace must hand over the people who died after undergoing the

Transfer Skill to him.

I heard from the other Sages that the people who were

sent there were used for experiments.

As for the details, I am not sure.”The

Dragon Knight told Shen Yanxiao everything he knew.

He did not like to

participate in the dirty transactions of the Broken Star Palace, and he just

devoted himself to training.

Therefore, he became the only one who signed a

contract with a dragon.

The fact that a dragon was willing to accept him proved that his character was

not bad.

Otherwise, the dragon would rather die than submit.

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