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Chapter 1681: Taking Over the Broken Star Palace (4)

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“Xiu, kill him.” Shen Yanxiao did not wish to talk nonsense with such a jerk.

“Every man for himself! Whats wrong with me doing this! What did I do wrong!” The Palace Master went crazy.

He desperately gathered all his strength and raised his staff in an attempt to inflict heavy damage on Shen Yanxiao.

However, before he could gather his strength on his staff, an ice-cold hand covered his head.

Xiu had come behind him and grabbed his head with one hand.

“You should not have survived the war between gods and devils.” The cold voice ended everything.

The moment his voice fell, Xiu suddenly closed his fingers.

The Palace Masters head exploded between Xius fingers.

There was no room for struggle.

This scum that had lived for tens of thousands of years had finally died in the hands of the God race.

No one would remember his name, and no one would be grateful for his efforts in the war between gods and devils.

He might have contributed to the Human race during the war between gods and devils, but what he did after, his contribution was not enough to pay for his crimes.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and remembered Xiu once said that humans were the most complicated race among the eight major races and that humans would never be satisfied.

With great desire, kindness and justice would turn into sin.

She did not want to become that kind of person.

The death of the Palace Master caused those who surrendered to Shen Yanxiao to quieten down.

They looked at the scene of their former leader dying and felt extremely complicated.

There was relief and also fear.

Finally, they had broken free from the shackles and obtained freedom.

At the same time, they were also shocked by the strength of the god.

A simple strike had caused a Divine Archmagus to fall.

As long as Xiu was around, these people would never dare to mess around with Shen Yanxiao.

Xiu was Shen Yanxiaos greatest trump card and also her eternal support.

“Its over.” Qi Xia sighed.

They had obtained a greater harvest than expected for this expedition.

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“The Broken Star Palace… is gone just like that” Tang Nazhi still could not accept it.

The Broken Star Palace that had once made the four countries submit to had really perished

“The Broken Star Palace is still here,” Shen Yanxiao suddenly said.

“The Broken Star Palace will not disappear.

It is a symbol of the human spirit.

However, from today onwards, it will become the true Hall of Heroes.” Shen Yanxiao turned to Tang Nazhi with a smile.

The Broken Star Palace would not be destroyed once she took over.

She would reshuffle the cards, get rid of those dirty ones, and retain the true beliefs of humans.

Xiu stepped on the golden light and walked toward Shen Yanxiao.

There was not the slightest trace of blood on his hand.

It was as if he did not crush the Palace Masters head.

“This is good.

At least theres no smell of blood.” Shen Yanxiao walked to Xiu and lifted his hand to rub against the tip of her nose.

Xius eyes revealed a trace of gentleness.

He reached out his other hand and hugged Shen Yanxiao in his embrace.

He then bent down and pressed his head against her neck.

In order to achieve a shocking effect, Xiu would always deliver a fatal blow.

This seemingly simple move contained a huge amount of power.

After two consecutive strikes, the power he previously accumulated had been depleted.

Except for Shen Yanxiao, no one else knew of this.

“Leave the rest to me.

Thank you..” Shen Yanxiao turned her face slightly and planted a kiss on Xius cheek.

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