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In the Brilliance Continent, the strength of the God race was unquestionable.

The race that once stood at the top of the various races had always been the epitome of human faith.

Even though the God race had fallen, people still built statues of the God race in many cities.

Even though the Divine Professionals of various professions were powerful, they were considered weaklings when compared to superior gods.

At most, they could only contend against the inferior gods.

When the Palace Master saw Xius true appearance, he completely panicked and all his momentum collapsed in an instant.

Xiu was still looking down on them with contempt, as if the Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was an ant that was not worth mentioning.

It was as though he would rot and turn into mud under Xius feet in just a few seconds.

In front of the God race, humans were always so insignificant.

“Its really the God race” The Broken Star Palace was in an uproar.

They had just rekindled their morale because of the Palace Masters strength as a Divine Level Expert.

However, in the face of the powerful God race, their confidence quickly collapsed.

“Isnt the God race extinct”

“But those golden eyes are the symbol of the God race.”

“Even the Palace Master said that it was the God race…”

The members of the Broken Star Palace were in a complete mess.

They did not dare to take another step forward.

What Saint Professional What Divine Magus In front of a real god, all of them were like ants.

They were so pathetic that it was ridiculous.

The humans who could compete with the God race had yet to be born.

Tang Nazhi and the rest had truly experienced what it meant to be crushed in terms of aura.

It had only been a minute since Xiu appeared and the momentum of the Broken Star Palace had changed from valiant and spirited to something similar to a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow.

Not to mention fighting, it was difficult for them to even stand up straight.

“Xiaoxiao, youve got a good marriage! With my idol by your side, its only a matter of time before you sweep across the Brilliance Continent!” Tang Nazhi was about to applaud and cheer!

What was the demeanor of an expert What aura

She looked at Xiu and then at the Divine Magus from the Broken Star Palace.

The gap between them was huge.

Shen Yanxiao silently turned around and looked at the excited Tang Nazhi.

“Are you a chicken or a dog”

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“…” Tang Nazhi was struck dumb.

Qi Xia and Yang Xi tacitly pulled away from Tang Nazhi.

“I wonder if idiocy is infectious.” Qi Xia patted his sleeve, as if he wanted to get rid the germs on his sleeve.

“I dont know this idiot.” Yang Xi looked at Tang Nazhi in disdain.

They did not want to be idiots.

“…” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

Did these bastards have to be so ruthless!

At that moment, he missed Li Xiaowei so much.

If his brother were here, he would not be so isolated and helpless.

Brother, come back quickly!

Compared to the relaxed and happy side of Sun Never Sets, the Broken Star Palace was deep in gloom.

The only strong expert on their side had been reduced to an ant the moment Xiu appeared.

There was no need to continue the war.

A large part of the reason why the Broken Star Palace was famous was because the founders of the Broken Star Palace were heroes that participated in the war between gods and devils.

This layer of glory made it the hall something the strong yearned for.

However, in the war between gods and devils, it was the God race that took the lead.

In the face of the God race, the last bit of glory of the Broken Star Palace was crushed into dust.

The group of people who originally suspected the Broken Star Palace due to Shen Yanxiaos words were even more shaken when they saw the god on her side.


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