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Chapter 1676: Who is the Real God (5)

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Due to the appearance of the Palace Master, the morale of the army of the Broken Star Palace greatly increased.

The members who originally wanted to escape began to tightly grip their weapons and stood by the Palace Masters side in great excitement.

“Today will be the day you bury your bones in the Broken Star Palace.

I will use your blood to wash away the disgrace you have brought upon the Broken Star Palace.” The Palace Master looked at Shen Yanxiao and the others with arrogance.

In his eyes, everyone in front of him were just corpses.

“As expected, hes very arrogant.” Tang Nazhi touched his chin and looked at the expressionless Xiu, his eyes sparkling.

It was as if he was about to say, “Idol, go and beat him up.

Beat him up until he cant take care of himself.”

Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu as well.

Xiu was not a complete god at the moment.

He was merely a soul.

Every battle he fought would consume his previously accumulated strength.

When he fought against two Saint Professionals, on the surface, he seemed to have killed them in one blow.

However, the amount of strength he consumed must have far exceeded their expectations.

“Can you do it” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu worriedly.

Xiu tightened his grip on her hand and turned to Shen Yanxiao.

A trace of gentleness surfaced on his cold face.

“With you here, nothing is impossible.”

Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

“Leave it to me.” Xiu stepped forward and looked at that arrogant Palace Master.

He merely took a step forward and a whirlwind suddenly appeared beneath Xius feet.

As it wreaked havoc, the gravel on the ground was swept into the air and the earth trembled.

Compared to Xius whirlwind, the Palace Masters whirlwind paled in comparison.

Xiu slowly rose into the air and his elegant figure floated in the air.

His hands were by his side and his eyebrows were slightly lowered as he looked down at the Palace Master on the ground.

“A human can never become a god.” A slightly cold voice echoed in the rift valley of the Scar of Oblivion.

The voice was not loud, but it had a strong penetrating power that reached everyones ears and shocked their hearts.

The brown hue in his eyes faded away and the golden hue that was similar to the sun replaced it.

Strands of golden light floated around Xiu and the dazzling light directly covered the halo of the Palace Master.

How could the light of a firefly compete with the light of the sun

The moment Xiu revealed the true appearance of the God race, a deathly silence fell over the Broken Star Palace.

The confidence on the Palace Masters face collapsed in an instant.

He stared at the figure suspended in mid-air with his mouth agape.

He had not seen that pair of golden eyes for nearly ten thousand years.

Golden eyes, the symbol of the God race!

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that the God race that had been extinct for nearly ten thousand years would reappear today!

“How is this possible… The God race has clearly perished.

How can there still be a living god…” The Palace Master widened his eyes in shock.

The flesh on his face kept twitching, revealing the shock and fear he felt deep down.

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Thats right, no matter how powerful a Divine Magus was, he was only a demigod that had one foot in the God race.

What could he be compared to the real member of the God race

Furthermore, the aura that this god radiated was not one of an ordinary god.

Only a superior god could possess such dazzling light!

At that moment, the Palace Master finally realized how pathetic and ridiculous his arrogance was just now.

A little Divine Magus dared to be arrogant in front of a superior god..

It was simply a joke.

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