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Chapter 1675: Who is the Real God (4)

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For nearly ten thousand years, not to mention a Divine Professional, not even a single Saint Professional had appeared in the Brilliance Continent.

Unexpectedly, the Broken Star Palace had two Saint Professionals and a real Divine Professional!

After the Palace Master revealed his strength as a Divine Archmagus, the members of the Broken Star Palace who were scared out of their wits instantly found hope.

The Divine Professionals and the Saint Professionals were not on the same level.

With a Divine Archmagus, what was there to be afraid of

“Palace Master is actually a Divine Level Expert.

We are saved!” Sage Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

No matter how powerful that mysterious man was, it was impossible for him to be at the Divine level.

When a Divine Level Expert released their strength, a layer of light would appear on their body.

However, when he saw that mysterious man killing the two Saint Professionals, there was no light on his body.

Therefore, Sage Feng was certain that even though the opponent had the strength to kill a Saint Professional, he was definitely not at the Divine level!

Those below the Divine level were all ants.

They had a Divine Archmagus on their side, so no matter how powerful their opponent was, they could contend against them!

“Theres actually someone at the Divine level This is… too exciting.” Tang Nazhi gulped.

Looking at the Palace Master, he subconsciously turned to look at Qi Xia.

Among the six of them, only Qi Xia was a magus.

He was only seventeen to eighteen years old, but he had already become a Second-Class Great Archmagus.

He was the only one among them that could stand shoulder to shoulder with Shen Yanxiao.

“Qi Xia, how powerful is the Divine Archmagus” Tang Nazhi asked.

It was not that he was ignorant, but ever since his grandfathers grandfathers grandfather… there had been no Divine Archmagus in the Brilliance Continent.

Qi Xia half-squinted his eyes and the teasing look in his lazy eyes disappeared.

“One move from him is enough to insta-kill me.”

Qi Xias talent as a magus was unmatched.

Even Shen Siyu had mentioned that Qi Xia was the most talented magus he had ever seen in the Brilliance Continent for nearly ten thousand years.

Furthermore, after signing a contract with Qilin, all of Qi Xias spells had reached the stage of instant casting.

But even so, he could not even withstand a single blow from a Divine Magus

Qi Xia tilted his head and looked at Tang Nazhis dumbstruck expression.

“Dont look at me like that.

I know you admire me, but your passionate gaze will make me shy.”

“You still are in the mood to joke!!” Tang Nazhi nearly vomited blood.

Could this guy not be so narcissistic

“Its not my fault that everyone below the Divine elevel is an ant.

If you dont believe me, go and ask Yang Xi if theres any comparison between him and the God Dragon Knights.” Qi Xia did not think there was anything wrong with admitting that he was inferior.

Tang Nazhi turned his head in doubt.

Before he could speak, Yang Xi said with a cold expression, “One breath from an eight-winged golden dragon is enough for me to meet my ancestors.”

“…” Tang Nazhi covered his face in silence.

Why were these two bastards admitting defeat so cleanly Could they have some dignity

“Why are you in such a hurry The Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace is at most a demigod, but we have a real god here.” Qi Xia smiled and said as he looked at Tang Nazhis tragic expression.

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At that moment, everyones gaze focused on Xiu.

Tang Nazhi suddenly came to a realization.

What was there to be afraid of!

Being at the Divine level could at most be regarded as having one foot in the God race.

However, not only was Xiu a real god, he was also the War God whose fighting strength was second only to the Lord God!

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