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Chapter 1672: Who is the Real God (1)

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No one expected that the Broken Star Palace would be forced to retreat in defeat in less than two hours after the war began.

They might have the ability to fight back in terms of strength, but the death of two Saint Professionals had cast a shadow of death over their hearts.

Coupled with Shen Yanxiaos provocative words before the war, many members of the Broken Star Palace began to doubt if they had been used by the Broken Star Palace.

In such a situation, it was impossible for them to organize an effective resistance.

The Broken Star Palaces defeat and the death of the two Saint Professionals had a huge impact on the entire force.

Those who were close to the door wanted to push the door open and escape, but the moment they tried to push the door open, a figure suddenly stood inside.

“Palace Master!” Everyone from the Broken Star Palace cried out in alarm.

All their panic disappeared the moment the Palace Master appeared.

All of them had their mouths shut as they looked at their leader in shock.

The Palace Masters cold eyes swept across this group of wastrels and the disgust in his eyes was undisguised.

That cold glance made everyone from the Broken Star Palace shiver.

“A group of trash,” The Palace Master coldly said and stepped out.

The crowd naturally made way for him.

The expert who was in charge of everything in the Broken Star Palace slowly walked into Shen Yanxiaos line of sight.

“He is the leader of the Broken Star Palace” Qi Xia raised his eyebrows and looked at the old man.

Even though they were still some distance between them, he could clearly sense the powerful aura that the Palace Master radiated.

“Hes a powerful character, and his aura is even more powerful than those two Saint Professionals.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Finally, she had met the person who lived in seclusion behind the scenes.

Her fist clenched tightly as all the cells in her body reached the highest alert state.

The next second, her clenched fist was grabbed by an ice-cold hand.

Shen Yanxiao looked up in surprise and saw Xiu standing by her side.

“You are Shen Yanxiao” The Palace Master walked out from the crowd and looked at Shen Yanxiao who stood at the forefront of the demon army.

Shen Yanxiao interlocked her fingers with Xius and slightly raised her chin as she said with absolute confidence, “Thats right.”

The Palace Master sized up this very young junior.

He had never thought that this young lady would pose any threat to the Broken Star Palace.

When he sensed that the lifeforce of the two Saint Professionals had disappeared, he realized that they had already died.

In the entire Brilliance Continent, only the Sage from the God Realm could eliminate Sage Long and Sage Yu.

However, he did not find any traces of that Sage in Shen Yanxiaos camp.

“Who killed my two Saint Professionals” The Palace Masters gaze swept across the few people by Shen Yanxiaos side.

Even though those few youths were talented, they were still young and could not be a match for a Saint Professional.

Only one person made him feel slightly surprised.

Even though the man standing beside Shen Yanxiao tried his best to restrain his aura, the Palace Master could still sense his strength.

“Its you” The moment he saw Xiu, the Palace Master identified the culprit.

Xiu looked at the Palace Master with indifference.

There was no fluctuation in his brown eyes.

He had no intention of responding to the Palace Masters question.

“It has been thousands of years since I stepped out of the Broken Star Palace.

I didnt expect there would be an expert like you in the Brilliance Continent..

Are you from the God Realm” The Palace Master asked without waiting for Xius reply.

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