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Chapter 1671: Destruction of the Broken Star Palace (6)

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The death of Sage Long and Sage Yu brought about an unprecedented shock to the Broken Star Palace.

No one expected that the two powerful Supremacies they could only look up to would die so quickly and so… easily.

If the Broken Star Palace previously had the confidence to fight this war, the death of two Saint Professionals had thoroughly crushed that confidence.

For the first time, the members of the Broken Star Palace felt fear as they looked at the demons that had gone crazy.

If even a Saint Professional was not Shen Yanxiaos opponent, then what could they, Second-Class Experts, count as

The Broken Star Palaces line of defense collapsed in an instant and the people in front of them were constantly retreating.

They wished they could open a hundred-meter distance between themselves and the demons.

The Broken Star Palaces continuous retreat had given Shen Yanxiao and the others an opportunity to press on.

The demon army advanced together and forced the members of the Broken Star Palace to the front of the palace.

During the process, Shen Yanxiao and the others discovered the bodies of Sage Long and Sage Yu that were trampled by humans and demons.

The two experts who fought against her a moment ago were trampled into meat paste.

At this moment, Xiu had unknowingly returned to Shen Yanxiaos side.

His white robes were as white as snow and there was not the slightest stain or crease.

He was as perfect as when he first appeared.

Tang Nazhi stood on one side and looked at the indifferent Xiu in horror.

“I have always thought that the War God was savage, but I only realized today that he was not simply just savage.

He had killed two Saint Professionals so easily.

I can no longer find any words to describe my admiration for him!”

What he saw with his own eyes was more believable than those rumors.

Tang Nazhi could guarantee that if not for Xiu, even if he, Shen Yanxiao, Qi Xia and the rest joined hands, they might not be able to kill a Saint Professional.

Perhaps Lan Fengli could deal with one.

However, if they wanted to kill these two Saint Professionals, they would have to pay a huge price.

A certain someone merely moved his hands and feet and probably did not even warm up before he easily resolved their greatest hurdle.

Such efficiency was simply amazing!

“You can worship more, I dont mind.” Shen Yanxiao patted Tang Nazhis shoulders with anI am magnanimous expression.

Shen Yanxiao, who had witnessed Xiu crushing a Second-Class Expert like an ant, no longer felt anything about Xiu crushing a Saint Professional.

“Can you not be so narcissistic” Tang Nazhi rolled his eyes at Shen Yanxiao.

This little girls expression was simply asking for a beating.

Shen Yanxiao raised her brow.

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The members of the Broken Star Palace were forced to the gate of the palace.

If the gate had not been sealed, they would have already hidden inside.

Shen Yanxiao had planted the seed of doubt in the hearts of those new members of the Broken Star Palace.

These people might not dare to fall out with the Broken Star Palace openly, but after Xiu insta-killed the two Saint Professionals, the fear of death had devoured their hearts..

Under the huge threat, they had long abandoned the thought of fighting against the demon army and started to worry about their lives.

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