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Chapter 1670: Destruction of the Broken Star Palace (5)

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Sage Feng was shocked by what he saw.

He hastily turned around to look for Sage Long and Sage Yu.

If the two Saint Professionals did not take action, the Broken Star Palace would be doomed.

However, when Sage Feng turned to look at the rear, he was stunned.

The two Saint Professionals who stood at the back of the group had been lifted into the air by a slender and handsome figure.

Their four limbs seemed to have been broken as they dangled listlessly.

Large amounts of blood continuously dripped down from their bodies.

Clearly, they were all dead!

“How is this possible” Sage Feng trembled as he looked at the two corpses in Xius hands.

He could not believe his eyes.

Two Saint Professionals had died in the hands of a mysterious man just like that!

The tragic deaths of Sage Long and Sage Yu had crushed Sage Fengs confidence.

There was someone so powerful in Shen Yanxiaos camp

Saint Professionals could be said to stand at the peak of the Human race.

With the exception of existences similar to the God race, Saint Professionals were the strongest.

The entire Brilliance Continent had recuperated for nearly ten thousand years after the war between gods and devils, but only two Saint Professionals had appeared.

From that, it could be seen how difficult it was to break through to Saint Profession.

However, such a powerful realm that could make people tremble had turned into nothingness under that mysterious mans hands.

There were no struggles, no life-and-death battles—the two Saint Professionals just died without a sound.

If Sage Long and Sage Yu had died from exhaustion after battling with that mysterious man, Sage Feng would not be so shocked.

However, what happened before his eyes was unbelievable.

Looking at that mysterious mans cold expression and his white robes without a single trace of blood, Sage Feng could practically imagine the scene of the two Saint Professionals being sent to hell before they could even withstand a single blow from that mysterious man.

Xiu floated in the air and looked at the two guys who had stopped breathing.

He casually threw their bodies out from the sky.

In the blink of an eye, Sage Long and Sage Yu who were covered in blood were thrown onto the battlefield.

The members of the Broken Star Palace who were fighting with the advanced-ranked demons suddenly saw a black shadow flying towards them and they immediately dodged to one side.

With a bang, a bloody corpse was thrown in front of them.

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It was a face filled with shock and fear.

It was obvious that the scene before their death caused the deceaseds expression to freeze at the last moment.

“Sage Long…” The members of the Broken Star Palace looked at the corpse in disbelief.

Wasnt he one of the two Saint Professionals in their Broken Star Palace, second only to the Palace Master

A moment ago, Sage Long was still giving orders for them to attack.

However, in a short span of more than half an hour, he had turned into an ice-cold corpse.

His lifeless eyes were dim and lightless, but they were like two huge black holes that transmitted fear and panic to all the members of the Broken Star Palace.

“Sage Long is dead How is that possible” Members of the Broken Star Palace could not believe it.

The Saint Professional that was so powerful had died just like that!

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