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Chapter 1661: So What if I Slapped You (1)

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Outside the Broken Star Palace, less than a hundred meters away, Shen Yanxiao stood at the forefront of more than twenty thousand advanced-ranked demons.

Xiu and Shen Yanxiao were standing side by side.

Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi, Yang Xi, Lan Fengli and Su He stood around the two.

“Were about to attack the Broken Star Palace” Tang Nazhi looked at the crowd that surged out from the palace with a dull gaze.

Even until now, he still found it hard to believe.

Not long ago, he did not even know the name of this powerful organization.

This massive organization that was unshakable in the eyes of the five great aristocratic families was about to start a war with them

What made Tang Nazhi sigh was that he felt that their chances of winning were very high.

“We should let these old men see our magnificent feat today.” Yang Xi could not help but sigh.

The Broken Star Palace, an organization that had stood tall in the Brilliance Continent for tens of thousands of years, a powerful existence that could secretly manipulate the life and death of the rulers of the four countries, had now become their enemy.

No need to mention victory or defeat, Shen Yanxiao was the first person to lead troops to the Broken Star Palace in thousands of years.

“Why dont we take some spoils of war back after were done” Business was business.

Qi Xia had already started to plan how to squeeze the Broken Star Palaces remaining value after the war.

Su He was speechless.

He was once a victim of the Broken Star Palace but now, he had become Shen Yanxiaos confidant.

He had stood on both sides, but honestly speaking, he still could not understand the strength of both sides.

In the Broken Star Palace, Su He was merely a new member, and he had little access to the internal affairs of the palace.

He had only met the Palace Master once when he joined the Broken Star Palace.

Sun Never Sets was the most influential new force in the Brilliance Continent.

The two wars where they fought to survive had shocked everyone who participated in the wars.

The arrival of the holy beasts and the emergence of the Wing of Death had exceeded everyones expectations.

The man standing by Shen Yanxiaos side was the most handsome and domineering man Su He had ever seen in his life.

From the way Qi Xia and the rest treated this man, his status and strength obviously far exceeded the other members of Phantom.

How many cards did Shen Yanxiao have No one knew.

Su He could only wait for the clash between the two giants.

Whether the Broken Star Palace that had stood for thousands of years would still stand strong, or whether Sun Never Sets could stabilize, these questions would only be answered after the war.

Sage Long and Sage Yu had brought all the members of the Broken Star Palace out.

With the exception of the Palace Master, the Broken Star Palace had brought out all their forces.

This kind of serious treatment was entirely different from the previous disdain in the hall.

In fact, Sage Long and Sage Yu only brought seven thousand men with them at the start.

However, when they saw the sea of demons behind Shen Yanxiao, the two self-proclaimed Saint Professionals immediately ordered their men to gather all their troops.

F*ck, didnt they say that Sun Never Sets had just experienced a bitter battle where countless advanced-ranked demons died

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If that was the case, what was with this huge army of nearly thirty thousand

Sage Long and Sage Yu had assumed that the advanced-ranked demons Shen Yanxiao had brought with her would at most amount to ten thousand.

Therefore, they had casually brought seven thousand Second-Class Experts to fight.

As a result, before the war even started, the number of advanced-ranked demons had given those two egotists a tight slap.

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