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Qi Xia looked at Shen Yanxiaos unhappy face and chuckled.

“Its just gimmicks to trick others.

In any case, would I need to chant when I use magic”

“…” No matter how unfamiliar she was about the Magus profession, she knew that one would need to chant to cast a magic spell.

Who was he trying to fool

As time passed, finally there were students from the Herbalist Division who had managed to produce the antidote.

The real fight began when more students recovered their strength as that made the disparity between them more prominent.

More teams had launched fierce battles for their opponents badges, and after each battle, many students decided to withdraw from the test due to their injuries.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not notice anything about that.

Her team was successful in every battle, just like a bulldozer.

For the duration of the seven-day test, their five-person team had managed to collect over seven hundred badges! That meant that they had eliminated over seven hundred students.

At the end of the test, there were 728 badges in Shen Yanxiaos space ring.

Since they had more than seven hundred badges, it meant that each of them would have more than a hundred badges when divided between them.

A bell sounded throughout the Obscure Forest, and that brought the end to the test.

Students who were apprehensive throughout the test finally had a chance to relax.

The teachers located their students and led them out of the Obscure Forest.

The teacher responsible for Shen Yanxiaos team was Ling Yue.

The moment he saw that they were covered with various badges from head to toe, the old man gave them a delighted smile.

The group of students followed Ling Yue back to the encampment.

However, the moment they stepped in, many pairs of eyes that were filled with complicated emotions immediately looked toward the five students.

“Thats Qi Xia” a certain gossipy archer whispered to the magus in his team.

“Thats right, thats him! The boss of the Magus Division.

I heard that during the test, a few reckless students took advantage of the fact that their strengths were suppressed by the potion and collaborated to deal with them.

Unfortunately for them, not only did they not manage to eliminate them, Qi Xia and his team gave them a good beating too,” the magus explained to his archer friend.

“I heard that a person named Qi Xia used a high-level magic spell, Blizzard, to freeze over a hundred students into blocks of ice.

Is it true” Another curious student moved closer to the conversation.

“I doubt it.

No matter what, Qi Xia is only a second-year student in the Magus Division.

Not even a third-year student had managed to break through to advanced magus yet.

Hes only sixteen years old, so how could he be an advanced magus” The archer found it difficult to accept if that was true.

“Youre ill-informed and narrow-minded.

Whats so impossible about it Not long after Qi Xia enrolled in the academy, he had dueled with several powerful third-year students.

Those seniors who believed themselves to be infallible, which one of them did not suffer from blood loss” The students from the Magus Division were proud of the prodigy in their company.

“Even so, he cant possibly have become an advanced magus at such a young age” The archer was still doubtful.

The magus sighed.

“Why are you so doubtful Go and ask those who are still lying in the medical tent.

Ask about how Qi Xia froze them into blocks of ice and how they were carried back here,” the magus said with pride.

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