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Chapter 1652: The Horn Before Revenge (5)

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Within the Broken Star Palace, Shen Yanxiao crouched in Ah-Qis room and looked at the speechless Vermilion Bird standing before her.

“You… can you be any more daring!!” Vermilion Bird looked at Shen Yanxiao in shock.

He originally planned to bring Freud and the rest into the Scar of Oblivion to meet up with Shen Yanxiao.

However, the moment he stepped into the Scar of Oblivion, Shen Yanxiao summoned him back into her body.

And when he reappeared, he discovered…

He had come to the enemys base camp!

Did this damned woman even know what she was doing! She was about to start a war with the Broken Star Palace, but she still dared to stay inside!

If the Broken Star Palace were to discover this, they would chop her into mincemeat in minutes!

Shen Yanxiao looked at the furious Vermilion Bird with a smile and reached out to stroke his head.

She said in a kind tone, “I still have that bit of confidence.

Dont be too mad.

I called you here to create a surprise for the Broken Star Palace.”

Vermilion Bird snorted.

He crossed his arms arrogantly and glared at Shen Yanxiao with dissatisfaction.

“Can you behave yourself Freud has brought more than twenty thousand advanced-ranked demons into the Scar of Oblivion.

Even if you do nothing, you can flatten the Broken Star Palace.” Sometimes, Vermilion Bird wished he could pry open his heartless masters head and take a good look at the structure of her brain.

“More than twenty thousand advanced-ranked demons” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

She remembered that when she set off from Sun Never Sets, there were only about ten thousand advanced-ranked demons in the city.

Even if she were to include the advanced-ranked demons in the other cities under her command, it would only barely exceed ten thousand.

How come the number had doubled in just a few days

Even if it was raw, it was not that fast!

“Your reputation has been pretty good recently.

Recently, those advanced-ranked demons that resided in various places had all brought their families to seek refuge with you.

Their dowry had even been prepared.

Right now, two-thirds of the cities in the Forsaken Land are under your name.” Vermilion Bird snorted.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

She merely left the city to cause trouble for the Broken Star Palace.

Why did such a huge change happen in the Forsaken Land

It was hard to digest the fact that so many advanced-ranked demons had come with theirdowry.

“There are still some advanced-ranked demons who are applying for admission.

However, the Sun Never Sets has been flooded with demons recently and the underground city can no longer accommodate any more demons.

Du Lang is waiting for you to return so that he can discuss with you about the expansion of the underground city.” Vermilion Bird touched his chin.

When he went back to report, he saw batches and batches of demons who had decided to camp outside the city gates because they could not enter the city.

There were tens of thousands of advanced-ranked demons, hundreds of thousands of intermediate-ranked demons, and countless low-ranked demons that surrounded the Sun Never Sets like a swarm of locusts.

It was a spectacular scene!

“…” Shen Yanxiao facepalmed.

This piece of exciting news made her speechless.

The war had even brought about benefits.

Shen Yanxiaos two exciting wars in the Forsaken Land had not only won her the hearts of humans, but also the demons approval.

The advanced-ranked demons, who had been indecisive before, were now willing to submit to this Lord.

At this point, Shen Yanxiao had already controlled most of the demons in the Forsaken Land.

As for the rest, it was not that they did not want to surrender, but they were still queuing up to surrender…

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