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Chapter 1651: The Horn Before Revenge (4)

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When Freud received Vermilion Birds message, he immediately led his team to the Scar of Oblivion.

There were still many advanced-ranked demons in the Forsaken Land who had been bringing their subordinates to apply to join Sun Never Sets.

However, as the time had been too tight, Freud did not dare to continue delaying.

He quickly brought over all the advanced-ranked demons that had already joined Sun Never Sets over.

As for the next coming wave of advanced-ranked demons, he had given Du Lang full responsibility.

In a short span of a month, the number of advanced-ranked demons in Sun Never Sets had almost recovered to its peak.

Looking at the advanced-ranked demons that covered a large area, Qi Xia and the others were thrilled.

With these advanced-ranked demons, it would no longer be a problem to take down the Broken Star Palace!

Everyone was in a state of excitement, but Xius expression did not change in the slightest.

He quietly listened to Freuds report without any joy.

Instead, he asked in an extremely cold voice, “How many demons have undergone training”

Freud was stunned for a moment before he immediately said, “I have asked my former comrades to guide these demons.

Even though they cannot completely replace their deceased comrades, there should not be too much of a difference in their skills.

I have already instructed the veteran demons to mix with the fresh blood, so once the war starts, they can support each other.”

Freud understood what Xiu was implying.

These old troops of Sun Never Sets were personally trained by Xiu, and their fighting strength and tacit cooperation were naturally not comparable to ordinary advanced-ranked demons.

However, the current situation did not allow these newly joined demons to undergo long-term training.

He could only let the veterans lead the fresh recruits.

Fortunately, the strength and toughness of these advanced-ranked demons were rather high.

Xiu nodded and reluctantly accepted Freuds arrangement.

On the other hand, Tang Nazhi secretly complimented him.

He still remembered the first time he met Freud, this advanced-ranked demon with the appearance of a young man gave him an extremely unreliable feeling.

Not only was he sloppy, but he was also indecent all day long.

However, under Xius guidance, this demon gradually transformed into a general that could take care of the overall situation.

Not only could he lead troops in battle, but he had also begun to think independently.

It had to be known that Xiu did not have much time to teach Freud and the rest.

They had only undergone a short period of training, but it had already achieved such an effect.

It was really amazing.

Tang Nazhi looked at Xiu with admiration.

That was the power of the War God.

No one in the world could compare to him.

No matter how disobedient a good-for-nothing soldier was, they could be trained into a steel-like army that would make the enemy tremble in fear when they heard Xius name.

Once upon a time, Xiu led ten thousand gods and defeated millions of devil soldiers.

Even until now, there was still a legend of him that spread around the world.

Only after they had witnessed the effect of Xiu leading the army would they sigh that the rumors were true.

If it were not for Xiu, the victory and defeat of the war between the gods and the devils would have undergone a tremendous change due to the huge disparity between their forces.

“Where is the Lord” Freud did not see Shen Yanxiao and could not help but be curious.

Vermilion Bird had come with them but was summoned back by Shen Yanxiao the moment they entered the Scar of Oblivion.

He thought he would see Shen Yanxiao here, but he did not expect to not even see her shadow.

“Master is in those palaces.” Taotie pointed to the seven palaces not far away.

“Master said that you have to wait here for now..

She will send out a signal later and thats when you can attack.”

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