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Chapter 1650: The Horn Before Revenge (3)

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After Sage Feng handed the two people over to Sage Lin, they chatted for a while longer.

The content of their conversation was merely about how they would crush Shen Yanxiaos bones and scatter her ashes, leaving her with only one breath for Ouyang Huanyu.

As for the humans and demons in the Forsaken Land, they decided to kill them all.

Shen Yanxiao laughed out of anger.

She looked at them coldly as they discussed these methods to deal with her in front of her.

She already felt that the Broken Star Palace was disgusting, and now, she felt that there was no need for such an organization that was rotten to the bones to continue existing.

If they wanted to control her, they would have to see if they had the ability!

Shen Yanxiao secretly contacted Taotie and confirmed the news that the demons led by Freud would arrive in five days.

She buried her killing intent deep in her heart and coldly looked at the decaying Broken Star Palace.

Right now, the only person Shen Yanxiao feared was that Young Master Xun who could sense her existence.

If he was more powerful than Lan Fengli, then once she fought against the Broken Star Palace, that pervert might bring about a huge setback to her demon army.

Unfortunately, before Shen Yanxiao could figure out how to get rid of this abnormal young man, Ouyang Huanyu sent a letter and directly asked thisYoung Master Xun to leave the Scar of Oblivion.

Now, Shen Yanxiao had the advantages she needed to win this battle.

Everything was waiting for the moment when her demon army entered the Scar of Oblivion!

While waiting, Shen Yanxiao was not idle.

She made use of her disguise and freely wandered around the seven palaces.

From Luo Kes boasts, she inquired about many internal information about the Broken Star Palace.

Luo Ke, who had been boasting all day long, would never in his wildest dreams expect that his arrogance and pride would be a great help in Shen Yanxiaos attempt to attack the Broken Star Palace.

When the light of dawn shone on the earth, tens of thousands of demons soundlessly stepped on the morning light and snuck into the Scar of Oblivion.

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The advanced-ranked demons led by Freud gathered with Xiu and the rest in the Scar of Oblivion.

“I, Freud, have led the twenty-eight thousand advanced-ranked demons of the Forsaken Land to report to Lord Xiu!” Freud took the lead and knelt on one knee before Xiu.

His violet eyes were filled with respect and admiration.

Behind him, the twenty-eight thousand advanced-ranked demons knelt on one knee in unison, displaying their loyalty with the most pious posture.

“28,000… why are there so many” Tang Nazhi stared at the dense number of demons in disbelief.

In the previous two battles, Shen Yanxiao had lost more than half of her subordinates, leaving about 10,000 advanced-ranked demons left.

However, how did the number of advanced-ranked demons exceed 20,000 in a short span of a week Their numbers were almost the same as when they were still teeming in the Forsaken Land.

“Reporting to Young Master Nazhi, a large number of demons here have invited themselves to join the Lord after the war.

However, the Lord left a few days ago and this subordinate was not in a hurry to report.” Freud raised his head and revealed a proud smile.

Shen Yanxiao turned the tide with lightning speed.

Not only did she expel the four-nation alliance from the Forsaken Land, but she had also completely eliminated the beast tide that had plagued the Forsaken Land for thousands of years.

The two feats had allowed the demons in the other areas of the Forsaken Land to witness Shen Yanxiaos strength.

After the war, demons continuously invited themselves to join Sun Never Sets..

The number of demons that flooded in was constantly replenishing the losses of the two wars.

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