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Qi Xia, who previously had stood on the higher ground, seemed to have finished chanting.

He lounged lazily on a massive rock as he gazed at the frightened students who looked as though they would pee their pants.


What was going on The abnormal bastard chanted for half a day, so what high-level magic was that

The group of students stared nervously at Qi Xia, who still leaned against the rock.

They realized that he would not give them any hints about what would happen next.

He even picked a wild fruit and had started to eat it.

“Everyone, come out this way and line up obediently.

Please dont push!” An incredibly infuriating voice echoed from the back of the crowd.

As they turned toward the sound, they saw a grinning Tang Nazhi who held a sack and stood at the intersection point of both light shields.

A path for a single person to pass through was opened at his side.

“…” Everyone was thoroughly speechless.

They had finally realized the truth.

That bastard Qi Xia had no intention to release any high-level magic.

He merely wanted to scare them.

How could they play them like that They were so scared that they almost peed their pants too!

A swordsman nearest to Tang Nazhi shyly walked toward the exit.

He looked at Tang Nazhi with a rogue smile, but he lowered his head like a quail and attempted to walk through the exit.

However, before he managed to step out, something hard struck his head.

The swordsman touched his head and looked up to see Tang Nazhi had a brick in his hand.

“Hey, your badge.” Tang Nazhi held the sack toward the swordsman and waved it in front of him.

That swordsman was immediately puzzled.

“Yes” Tang Nazhi waved the brick at him.

“…” The swordsman felt like crying, but he had no tears.

He plucked the badge from his chest and placed it in the sack that Tang Nazhi had in his hand.

Then, he left hurriedly and dejectedly.

With that one demonstration, the students knew what they had to do if they wanted to leave that place.

One by one, the students walked toward the exit while badges continued to drop into the sack that Tang Nazhi held in his hands.

It was not like they did not want to resist, but it was because they could not do so.

They could not defeat Qi Xia, or outrun Yang Xi.

Even if they tried to dash out of there together, they would not be able to escape Yan Yus light shield.

How could they bully them like that

None of them wanted to play anymore!

The powerless students were like a beautiful girl who was forced into prostitution as they obediently handed over their most prizedintegrity to that animal Tang Nazhis pocket.

Shen Yanxiao stared at those dispirited youths as they left that place, and then she looked at Tang Nazhi as he held a bag filled with badges with a smile on his face.

After that, she looked at a certain unashamed profiteer and wondered about herself.

Sure enough, she had moral principles.

Compared to those animals with broken moral principles, her thieving skills were too refined!

By the way, how did the young masters of the five great families get so professional at robberies

Their true identities should be bandits instead!

As she cursed the four moral-less animals, little by little, she snuck some badges from Tang Nazhis pocket into her space ring.

Suddenly, something clicked in her mind, and she turned toward Qi Xia who was still gnawing on a piece of wild fruit.

“What magic were you chanting just now” She definitely sensed the change in temperature around her surroundings.

However, she did not detect any changes when Qi Xia cast the Blizzard spell.

Qi Xia smiled at Shen Yanxiao and asked, “Do you really want to know”

Of course, she wanted to know! Why would she ask if she didnt want to know!

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