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Chapter 1648: The Horn Before Revenge (1)

“Okay, well wait here,” Luo Ke restrained his expression and respectfully said.

Sage Lin no longer paid any attention to him.

Shen Yanxiao, who had been forgotten by everyone, took this opportunity to observe the secret laboratory where experiments of battle aura and magic transfer were conducted.

To be honest, the laboratory was well-equipped.

Even the most modern laboratory could not be compared to this place.

However, this also indicated how terrifying this place was.

Shen Yanxiao did not have a favorable impression of things that defied nature.

Not to mention using humans for experiments, she did not even approve the usage of animals.

While Shen Yanxiao was secretly observing, an old Sage slowly walked into the basement.

Behind him, two middle-aged men with dull eyes walked mechanically.

“Sage Feng!” The moment Sage Lin saw him, he immediately put on a humble attitude.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

This Sage Fengs appearance was very familiar.

After Shen Yanxiao looted the four countries, the four countries had tacitly sent her a painting of the Sage sent by the Broken Star Palace to sow discord.

And didnt those four portraits resemble the Sage before her

A large part of the reason why the four-nation alliance attacked Shen Yanxiao was due to Sage Fengs instigation.

Shen Yanxiao sneered internally.

Looking at this guy who obviously received a higher level of respect than ordinary people, she was thinking of how to torture him to death so that she could breathe easier.

“These two have just broken through to the second class Advanced Profession, but the Palace Master is not satisfied with their progress.

Today, we will be handing over the First Origin Pills that are extracted from them to Young Master Xun.

You must be quick.” Sage Feng instructed with a straight face.

“These two guys seem to have just joined the Broken Star Palace for less than two hundred years but they are already getting experimented on” Luo Ke was secretly speechless.

The first test had yet to begin, so how could they send someone over Furthermore, it was not slow to breakthrough to an Advanced Professional of the second stage in more than a hundred years.

“The previous incident with Sun Never Sets made the Palace Master furious.

Shen Yanxiao is too arrogant and has even spread the word among the four countries that she would deal with our Broken Star Palace.

Therefore, the Palace Master wants to increase the strength of a group of Sages during this period of time.

The members who have just recently joined, you better pray that your strength can increase faster.

Otherwise, no one will be able to protect you.” Sage Fengs expression did not look good.

Even though he had successfully persuaded the four countries to attack the Forsaken Land, the final result was unsatisfactory.

Not only was Shen Yanxiao not eliminated, but it had also caused the four countries to rebel against the Broken Star Palace.

To the Broken Star Palace, this was not a profitable deal.

“Dealing with our Broken Star Palace With just her” Sage Lin sneered, his eyes filled with contempt.

“Isnt that Shen Yanxiao too ignorant Does she think that she can suppress our Broken Star Palace just because she can deal with the four-nation alliance With her strength, she is merely a dregs of medicine when placed in our Broken Star Palace.

The four countries are getting more and more courageous.

They actually dared to go against our intentions and contact Shen Yanxiao.

I think its time for the rulers of the four countries to be replaced.”

Even though the Broken Star Palace had not been in the Brilliance Continent for many years, they had always been in control of the powers of the four countries..

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