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Chapter 1646: Evil Transfer (2)

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Shen Yanxiao secretly raised her eyebrows but pretended to be timid.

Luo Ke did not bring Shen Yanxiao out of the hall.

Instead, he walked deeper into the hall.

Shen Yanxiao found it strange.

She had searched the entire hall from top to bottom many times in the morning, and she had peeped into almost every room.

However, other than those who were concentrating on their training, she did not discover anything else, not to mention where the experiments concerning the transfer of battle aura and magic would take place.

Could there be a secret room here

Shen Yanxiao thought as she followed behind Luo Ke.

Behind a boulder two hundred meters away from the seven palaces of the Broken Star Palace, several elegant and handsome men were seated on the ground without any care for their image.

It had been many hours since Shen Yanxiao entered the Broken Star Palace.

Qi Xia and the rest had been waiting here for an entire night.

For the entire night, Tang Nazhi did not know how he survived.

There were so many mosquitoes in the wilderness that it made his hair stand.

At that moment, he missed Yan Yus light shield.

If Yan Yu was here, these mosquitoes would not be able toharm his delicateskin.

“Taotie, is it really okay for you to eat like this” Qi Xia sat on the ground and propped his chin with one hand as he looked at Taotie who was happily gnawing on a rock.

He had always known that Taotie was gluttonous, but he did not expect him to be gluttonous to the extent that he could stuff the minerals on the ground into his mouth.

From the beginning until now, Taoties mouth had never been idle.

After the food he carried had been wiped out, he actually dug out a huge piece of ore and started gnawing on it.

That scene was so savage that it practically destroyed Qi Xia and the rests world outlook.

“Its okay.” While he gnawed on the ore, Taotie answered Qi Xias question in all seriousness.

As a foodie that had been starved for more than a hundred years, Taoties appetite had exceeded everything else.

“Is there any news from Xiaoxiao” Qi Xia rubbed his eyebrows.

Even though he knew that Taoties stomach was a bottomless pit, he was still worried that he would have indigestion when he saw him gnawing on a rock.

Taotie was stunned for a moment.

After a long time, he said in a low voice, “I think Master mentioned before that she wanted to take a look at some battle aura transfer experiment.”

Taotie guiltily glanced at Xiu who was resting with his eyes closed.

Among these people, the only one he feared was this god.

“Before… when was it” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

This foodies mentality was too terrifying.

They had been waiting here for the news, but in the end, he only cared about eating and completely forgot that he needed to report the news!!

Taotie swallowed his saliva as if he knew he had done something wrong.

He carefully said, “About half an hour ago…”

Sobs, he really did not do it on purpose.

He was honestly too hungry…

“Half an hour ago” Tang Nazhi held his forehead.

He wished he could strangle Taotie to death.

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Of course, the premise was that he could defeat this foodie.

“Other than that, what else did she say” Xiu, who had remained silent, suddenly opened his eyes.

Taotie immediately trembled.

He did not even dare to nibble on the ore in his arms.

He obediently looked up at Xiu and said, “Master said that she is safe right now.

She disguised herself as someone from the Broken Star Palace.”

In fact, he was not particularly gluttonous.

It was just that his master was not in danger.

If not, he wouldnt have continued eating…

Taotie found himself a plausible excuse to comfort himself.

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