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Chapter 1642: Sneak into the Broken Star Palace (3)

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“Theres no need to discuss this further.

The Palace Master naturally has his own plans.” The old man did not intend to discuss this matter further.

So Luo Ke could only shut his mouth.

“I am going to send the items to him right now, and dont mention what you said tonight.

If others were to hear it, I dont know how many more troubles it would cause,” the old man instructed.


With that said, the old man turned around and left with the newly refined medicinal pill.

Shen Yanxiao secretly followed behind the old man.

She was curious as to who the person these two Broken Star Palace members were talking about, the person who could be regarded as Ouyang Huanyus most perfect work.

Among the eight major races in the world, Lan Fengli had integrated seven races in him.

From Luo Ke and the old mans conversation, it was evident that the other party was more outstanding than Lan Fengli in Ouyang Huanyus heart.

Following behind the old man, Shen Yanxiao directly arrived at the thirteenth floor of the palace.

The old man stopped before the door and hesitated for a moment before raising his hand to knock on the door.

“Young Master Xun, the medicinal pill the Palace Master concocted for you is ready.” Even though the old mans expression did not change, his voice was extremely tense.

Those who could become venerables of the Broken Star Palace were all Great Professionals who had gone through their second class promotion.

They were already above tens of thousands of people, even the monarchs were delusional if they wished of getting any good treatment from them.

It was hard to imagine who in the world could make this Sage of the Broken Star Palace so nervous.

There was no sound in the room and a moment later, the door was slowly opened.

A face that was frozen in ice suddenly appeared.

He was a young man who looked to be sixteen to seventeen years old.

His facial features were impeccable, but the coldness on his face was bone-chilling.

Xius coldness was a kind of aloofness that was high above as he looked down on everyone else.

It was the feeling of standing at the peak, lonely and alienated.

The young man standing inside the door was so cold that it made ones hair stand on end.

It was as if looking into his eyes, one could feel the bone-piercing pain spreading throughout their body.

It was filled with a chilly killing intent that was spreading outward.

Even though the young man hadnt said a single word, it still made people feel incomparably depressed and fearful.

Shen Yanxiao had experienced this feeling when she first met Lan Fengli.

However, compared to Lan Fengli, thisYoung Master Xun was much colder.

That was a callousness buried deep in his bones.

Lan Fengli could still hide it, but the young mans coldness and killing intent had spread throughout his body.

Just like a demon from the abyss.

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When the old man saw that young man, his back clearly stiffened and his muscles tensed up.

“Medicine.” The cold young man was stingy with his words.

The old man hastily delivered the bottle, his aged hands trembling.

Receiving the bottle, the young man turned around and entered the room without a word before he tightly shut the door.

Behind the door was an extremely simple room.

A bed, a table, and a chair were all the furniture in the room.

The young man indifferently walked to the table and sat down.

He skillfully poured the medicinal pill in the bottle into his hands.

Three medicinal pills that radiated a halo quietly laid on his palms and he directly raised his hand to bring the medicinal pill to his lips.

However, just as he was about to swallow it, his eyes suddenly turned sharp and his slender figure flashed to the window like a ghost.

With a pull of his hand, he tore the curtain into pieces.

Behind the curtains was a translucent window as moonlight slowly seeped in.

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