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Chapter 1641: Sneak into the Broken Star Palace (2)

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Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

Mr Ouyang

Could it be Ouyang Huanyu

Shen Yanxiao already knew about the relationship between Ouyang Huanyu and the Warlocks.

However, she did not expect Ouyang Huanyu to have a close relationship with the Broken Star Palace.

Judging from the Sages tone, he should be very respectful towards Ouyang Huanyu.

Such treatment was rarely seen in the Broken Star Palace.

Even the rulers of the four countries were like ants before the Broken Star Palace.

In the entire Brilliance Continent, there were only a few people that could catch the Broken Star Palaces attention.

“I am honestly unable to find a suitable candidate.

Venerable One, actually I am curious.

Why does Mister Ouyang have to choose a suitable test subject from those dregs” The young man was somewhat puzzled.

The old man said, “Luo Ke, how long have you been in the Broken Star Palace”

The young man was surprised.

“It has been eight hundred years.”

“800 years In that case, you should still be unaware of some things.

A thousand years ago, Mister Ouyang used a medicinal dreg from the outside world to complete an extremely shocking feat.

His experiments at that time were nearly perfect, but the people we sent over did not bring him any more miracles.

I believe Mister Ouyang hopes to create another perfect work,” the old man said.

The old mans words shocked Shen Yanxiao.

A thousand years ago

Ouyang Huanyu had already existed a thousand years ago, and he had even started to use humans for racial integration experiments

How was that possible

The downfall of Warlocks happened hundreds of years ago.

Before that, the Warlocks of the Brilliance Continent had yet to begin their research on Forbidden Skills.

At that time, it was many years away from the time the old man mentioned.

Evidently, Ouyang Huanyus experiment was far earlier than those Warlocks.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Who was Ouyang Huanyu

Why was he deliberately researching racial integration

The information she had just received had overturned many of Shen Yanxiaos previous theories.

She had always believed that Ouyang Huanyu only had contact with Warlocks after he became the Dean of Saint Laurent Academy.

Moreover, he secretly supported the research of Forbidden Skills.

However, it seemed like Ouyang Huanyus research on Forbidden Skills was far ahead of the Warlocks.

“Are you referring to that person” Luo Ke suddenly thought of something and revealed a trace of doubt.

“Its him.” The old man nodded.

“Ive always wondered how someone could have such high achievements at such a young age and even obtain the Palace Masters favor to become his adopted son So thats the case.” Luo Ke came to a sudden realization.

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“And he often leaves the Broken Star Palace.

Could he have gone to Mr.

Ouyang” Luo Ke asked.

The old man nodded.

“He means a lot to Mister Ouyang.

Every time when it comes to the task of transporting the dregs, Mister Ouyang would always request for him to personally take action.”

Luo Ke disapprovingly said, “In that case, he seems to be more intimate with Mister Ouyang.

The Palace Master had clearly asked him to go on a mission before, but he rejected him three or four times, wasting the Palace Masters high regard for him.” Everyone in the Broken Star Palace regarded the Palace Master as their highest god.

However, there was a special existence that never listened to the Palace Master but enjoyed the best environment in the Broken Star Palace.

Many people in the palace were dissatisfied with that.

However, the Palace Master still valued that person, so those who were dissatisfied could only clench their teeth.

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