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Throughout their journey, none of the other teams managed to escape Qi Xia and his team, not even archers who were well-known for their quick reflexes.

In just half a day, there were already more than a hundred badges in Shen Yanxiaos space ring.

The three members, who had recovered all of their strength, had no intention to stop there.

They decided to go on their separate ways to hunt down the students who had chased them previously, but those ruthless bastards had managed to herd those students into a big group.

Since they were in the same boat, the students were quite pumped about their situation.

It was as if they had found their comrade-in-arms.

They decided to unite to form a resistance against those three cruel animals.

However, in the face of absolute power, all of them were only paper tigers.

Qi Xia revealed a sly smile as he stood on the higher ground that overlooked those angry students.

He lifted his staff, and it looked as if he had begun to chant some difficult words as his mouth moved.

That was the first time that Shen Yanxiao had witnessed Qi Xia chanted a spell.

As he continued to chant, the surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped.

The students who had gathered together looked at Qi Xia in fright.

A few smarter students immediately discovered it was likely that he was chanting for a high-level magical spell.

“We cant let him finish chanting!” a random student had shouted.

That prompted all the magi and archers to focus their attention on Qi Xia as countless arrows, and magic bullets shot toward him.

However, just as those attacks were about to land on Qi Xia, a huge light shield appeared to block everything in its path.

“Run!” When they realized that their attacks were ineffective, the students knew that they should leave that place immediately.

Yan Yus indifferent gaze swept across those students who were prepared to make their escape, and he waved his staff.

A massive light shield formed around their surrounding area, and it created a huge confinement space.

Even if they had wanted to escape, they could only do that if they could smash through the shield.

However, who could possibly smash through the light shield that was about a foot thick How could one call that a defensive shield It was more like a brick wall!

The group of students was in a dilemma.

If God gave them another chance, they would never have preyed on those three animals, even if they were beaten to their death!

What kind of freaks were those animals One was a magus who could cast high-level magical spells without any need for a chant, and he could even rival the dean, Ouyang Huanyu! What about the priest who always used his massive light shield to scare people Did he know that he was only a student If he could already conjure such a barrier, what use were the teachers back at the academy

It was not only that!

There was also the knight who could run faster than rabbits, even without his mount! Didnt he have moral principles With his speed, how would his mount endure that kind of humiliation His pair of legs could probably outrun beings with four legs! With his capabilities, the other knights were probably so ashamed of themselves that they might even take their own lives!

‘Please give them a way out! Please dont make them lose their faith in the world!

The other students confidence shattered when those three super animals surrounded them.

All of them were crouched on the ground as they held their hands with their hands.

They could only wait for Qi Xia to finish with the chant that would end them.

However, they did not notice any changes in them, even after they had waited for a long time.

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