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Chapter 1639: Evil of the Broken Star Palace (3)

“My Lord, if you really wish to find the Broken Star Palace, I… I can take you there.” Su He took a deep breath and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao did not answer Su Hes question immediately.

She merely looked at him with surprise in her eyes.

She did not expect Su Hes background to be so powerful, nor did she expect that the Broken Star Palace would brazenly use their members as a source of battle aura.

“The Broken Star Palace is at the Scar of Oblivion, right” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“Yes.” Su He nodded.

“Take us there,” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Sure.” Su He no longer hesitated.

“Sit down and eat something first.

Well set off at night.” Shen Yanxiao indicated for Tang Nazhi to add a stool, and Su He quietly sat down.

Su He rushed all the way here without eating or drinking a single drop of water.

His lips were dry and cracked.

The moment he sat down, Qi Xia poured him a cup of water.

Su He looked at Qi Xia gratefully and drained his cup.

“Youve been in the Broken Star Palace for so long.

Can you tell us whats inside” Yang Xi looked at Su He.

He was surprised by Su Hes identity and sympathized with his plight.

However, he was curious about the Broken Star Palace.

There were many rumors about the Broken Star Palace in the Brilliance Continent, but few people had been there.

Su He had not only been there, but he had also stayed there for more than two centuries.

He should know the Broken Star Palace like the back of his hand.

Su He said, “I dont know how many members there are in the Broken Star Palace.

After we join, we will be placed in a specific room and the range of activity is limited to our floor.

There are about a hundred people on the floor where I stay, and all of them have been in the Broken Star Palace for less than five hundred years.

The Broken Star Palace is very large and there are a total of seven palaces, with each palace having thirteen floors.

Every person who joins the Broken Star Palace will have a specially assigned Sage to guide their training.

We dont have to do anything in the Broken Star Palace on normal days and other than training.

Only Sages would sometimes receive missions, but this is very rare.”

Back then, they thought that the Broken Star Palace was a paradise for the strong.

They thought that they would live a carefree life without any lack of food or clothing.

They also thought that they would be provided with sufficient medicinal pills to provide them with motivation to improve.

They also thought they could use their spare time to cultivate.

However, it was not until the truth was revealed that Su He knew that the endless training they did was simply to provide the other members of the Broken Star Palace with the source of their battle aura.

They were like livestock waiting to be slaughtered.

They constantly enriched themselves during the centuries they lived in the Broken Star Palace, waiting to be slaughtered in the end for the results of their training to be seized.

“As far as I know, the first two hundred years of joining the Broken Star Palace is safe.

During that period, you will obtain the best environment to cultivate.

However, if your strength does not meet their standards after two hundred years, you will be reduced to a sacrificial lamb.”

There were many sacrifices like Su He, but most of them were just dead.

Su He had a good physique and luckily survived, but surviving did not mean that he could escape from the abyss of suffering.

He was transferred from the sinister and crafty Broken Star Palace to those crazy Warlocks.

Su He seemed to be living in a nightmare.

“Wont the other members of the Broken Star Palace be suspicious” Tang Nazhi slightly frowned.

Everyone around them would died mysteriously one after another.

That was something everyone would be suspicious of.

Su He shook his head and said, “No one would believe that the Broken Star Palaces true appearance would be so terrifying without experiencing it themselves..”

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