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Chapter 1632: Bold Test (2)

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Surprise flashed across his golden eyes.

The panic in Shen Yanxiaos eyes became calmer and a crafty smile blossomed on her lips.

Seeing Xius body turned stiff, she quickly took the initiative.

Raising her head and looking at Xius jaw, Shen Yanxiao naughtily moved closer and gently kissed him.

A gentle kiss seemed to have pierced Xius heart.

However, the naughty little girl had no intention to stop.

After she sorted out her emotions, she started to take the initiative to attack.

Her cherry lips slowly parted and her tongue playfully touched Xius jaw.

Xiu slightly narrowed his eyes and his hands that were placed on the armrest of the chair clenched tightly.

That slight touch was similar to a stone that quickly stirred up waves.

Just a light drop was enough to bring about huge waves.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and boldly straightened her back.

She wrapped her arms around Xius neck and knelt on his lap.

She blinked and looked at the motionless Xiu.

At that instant, she saw a similar expression of shock in the mans eyes—a crack had finally appeared on the iceberg.

She propped herself up and suddenly kissed Xius lips.

The somewhat clumsy yet inexperienced kiss carried traces of probing and timidity.

She vaguely copied his former gentleness and went deeper bit by bit.

There was a trace of uncertainty in her clear eyes, but she was very careful.

She was like an ignorant little beast that attempted to stir up the sleeping dragon, cautious yet full of tease.

It was so rough, but it seemed to have a powerful curse that bewitched his soul bit by bit.

His remaining rationality seemed to be undergoing a violent storm, and it was on the verge of collapse.

A muffled groan sounded from his throat.

Xiu suddenly reached out and grabbed the back of Shen Yanxiaos head, not giving her any chance to escape.

Then, he turned from defensive side to offensive side and took over the pace of the kiss.

He held her lips and slowly kissed her.

The deepening strength caused Shen Yanxiao to be unable to withstand it, resulting in her clinging onto Xius embrace.

The domineering strength made Shen Yanxiaos entire body turn sour and numb as if she had been electrocuted.

She lost her strength and slid down uncontrollably.

Xius other hand went around Shen Yanxiaos waist and lifted her limp body to press against him.

It was as if he wished he could knead her into his bones and blood until they were inseparable.

After a long time, Xiu finally ended the kiss.

A trace of disorder and repressed confusion surfaced in his golden eyes.

“Dont play with fire like that again.”

A hoarse voice sounded in Shen Yanxiaos ears.

It sounded like the strings of a zither, with a trace of coldness and a slight tremble.

“Not yet.” Xiu tried hard to restrain his madness that was about to break free from his control.

He held Shen Yanxiaos face with both hands and gently pressed his forehead against hers.

His low and slightly hoarse voice could practically lure people into the abyss.

“I… Im not…” Shen Yanxiao blushed.

Even if she lacked common sense, she knew what Xiu meant.

She only wanted to kiss him.

That was all.

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As for being that…

Shen Yanxiao finally realized that her whim had become a torture for Xiu.

Before she could finish speaking, she could only nod silently.

“Good girl.” Xiu kissed the corner of Shen Yanxiaos lips.

The curious little girl almost made him lose control in an instant..

Nothing was more difficult to resist than the initiative of a lover.

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