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Chapter 1616: To Be Completely Convinced (4)

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“You wont use the skills of a Summoner or a Magic Archer” Shen Yanxiaos promise stunned Qin Ge.

A large part of his despair came from Shen Yanxiaos strength.

Even though he was a Second-Class Expert, he was not confident that he could defeat Shen Yanxiao who had gone through two class promotions.

However, Shen Yanxiao had abandoned that advantage.

“Since we are thieves, we naturally have to use our skills.

You can be rest assured.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She was not shameless enough to use force in a competition between peers.

Qin Ge relaxed.

He began to carefully calculate the gap between him and Shen Yanxiao.

Based on their previous fight, Qin Ge had concluded that Shen Yanxiao far exceeded him and Su Feihuan in both speed and accuracy.

In a one-on-one fight, he was not confident that he could win against Shen Yanxiao.

But this time, he had Su Feihuan by his side.

Shen Yanxiao only said that if they only needed to bring out one treasure, he had to make good use of that rule.

Qin Ge could sense Shen Yanxiaos confidence in her skills.

Otherwise, she would not have come up with such a method that she had a low chance of winning.


Qin Ge narrowed his eyes.

Shen Yanxiao might be strong, but he and Su Feihuan were not idiots!

“Feihuan, lets split up and seize every opportunity to rush out of the storeroom.” Qin Ge had already thought of the most ingenious strategy.


Almost at the same time as his voice fell, Qin Ge and Su Feihuan disappeared on the spot and turned into two black shadows as they moved behind Shen Yanxiao.

“Your speed is pretty good.” Shen Yanxiao was not stingy with her praise.

Two black shadows moved towards the table behind her at an extremely fast speed.

Four hands that were comparable to the Hands of God swept away the five items on the table in the blink of an eye and escaped in two different directions.

Qin Ges plan was to separate from Su Feihuan and force Shen Yanxiao to attack one of them so that the other person could leave the storeroom with the treasures.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Her petite figure flashed past the table so fast that no one could see her.

Su Feihuan hid himself among the dense cabinets and made use of his thin physique to speedily make his way through the narrow space.

With a treasure in each hand, he moved forward at a rapid pace.

However, the next second, Shen Yanxiaos smiling face appeared before him.

Before Su Feihuan could come back to his senses, Shen Yanxiao had quietly stretched out her hands and took away the two treasures in Su Feihuans hands.

Without any pause, Shen Yanxiao threw the two treasures back on the table and disappeared from Su Feihuans sight.

She then dashed towards Qin Ge who was about to rush out of the storeroom.

Qin Ge was one step away from escaping from the storeroom, but the moment he took his last step, a gentle breeze swept past him.

When he stepped out, his hands were empty and the ruyi that was hidden in his arms had disappeared without a trace.

Qin Ge turned around in surprise and saw Shen Yanxiao smiling as she took turns to throw the three treasures into the air.

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“Qin Ge, youve lost.” Shen Yanxiao threw the three treasures back to the table.

The shock on Qin Ges face had yet to subside.

This time, he had personally experienced Shen Yanxiaos speed, and it was not something he could compare to..

He did not even know when she approached and when she took action.

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