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Chapter 1608:

Throes of Experts (4)

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Lan Fengli did not show any mercy.

If Su Feihuan did not have some skills, he would have knocked him out.

“With sincerity, even metal can be cracked! I believe I can move him someday!” Su Feihuan clenched his fist with determination.

“Oh right, brother, what about you Did you discover anything”

Su Feihuan came to Sun Never Sets, first for the sake of Lan Fengli, and second, he was filled with curiosity about that peer who could steal Gu Qingming clean.

In terms of stealing skills, Su Feihuan was better than Gu Qingming.

In the Silver Hands, his skills were second only to Qin Ge.

“Ive only just arrived.

What can I possibly discover Youve just fainted.

And as your brother, I cant possibly wander around her territory, right However, I tested Shen Yanxiao earlier and she did not notice my actions.

At least for now, we can eliminate the possibility that she is that thief god.” Qin Ge narrowed his eyes.

The Silver Hands had recruited all the top thieves in the Brilliance Continent.

Now that he had encountered such a powerful character, he had already thought of recruiting them.

“I knew it! Its impossible for her to be that thief god! How old is she Shes a Second-Class Summoner and a Second-Class Archer.

I heard that shes also very accomplished in herbalism.

Coupled with the painstaking efforts she put in to build Sun Never Sets, how could she have the time to practice her thieving skills” Su Feihuan pursed his lips.

He admitted that Shen Yanxiao was powerful, but one needed to master the skills of their profession.

Shen Yanxiao was already an expert in three professions.

If she were still that thief god that was better than Gu Qingming, wouldnt that be too abnormal

“Its a good thing to be cautious.

We will investigate the people around Shen Yanxiao.

The core members are the young masters of the four great aristocratic families in the Longxuan Empire and your benefactor.

Moreover, theres also the Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups mercenary leader, Du Lang.

Ive heard of him before.

He was famous in the Black City, and they were considered a pretty good mercenary group.

After he was recruited by Shen Yanxiao, there shouldnt be that thief god among them.

Instead, theres still some possibility for those from the four great aristocratic families to be that thief god.” Qin Ge guessed that the thief god was someone Shen Yanxiao was very close to.

Because of that thief god, Shen Yanxiao did not panic in the slightest when she was provoked by the Silver Hands.

“As far as I know, Yan Yu of the White Tiger Family and Li Xiaowei of the Black Tortoise Family have left the Forsaken Land some time ago.

When Qingming came to Sun Never Sets, they had already set off, so the two of them could be excluded.

The only ones left are Yang Xi of the Azure Dragon Family, Qi Xia of the Qilin Family and Tang Nazhi of the Black Tortoise Family.”

When Su Feihuan approached Lan Fengli, he had already tried to sound him out.

Lan Fengli did not notice his movements, so Qin Ge directly excluded him.

“Ive met that Tang Nazhi before.

He seems to be straightforward and impatient.

He doesnt seem to be in the same profession as us.” Su Feihuan touched his chin.

“Then theres only Yang Xi and Qi Xia left.” Qin Ge said.

“Yang Xi is a low-key person, but that Qi Xia… I heard that when he was still in the capital of the Longxuan Empire, he had once inquired about our Silver Hands.

Could he be… that thief god Perhaps he wanted to join us when he inquired about Silver Hands” The more Su Feihuan thought about it, the more he felt that Qi Xia was capable.

Everyone knew that although Third Young Master Qi looked gentle and refined, he was actually a crafty fox.

His personality extremely suited their profession.

To a certain extent, Su Feihuan had revealed the truth!

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