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Chapter 1600: Godly Thief VS Uncanny Thieves (7)

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In the City Lords Mansion, Shen Yanxiao sat in her room with a smile.

She was in a good mood as she looked at the treasures she took out from the seven interspatial rings.

“Qi Xia, hurry up and see how much money Ive earned this time.” Shen Yanxiao did not have a precise estimation of the value of treasures in this world.

Qi Xia could not help but laugh and shook his head.

There were dozens of treasures in seven interspatial rings.

In one of the seven rings, there were dozens of treasures in it alone.

Other than treasures, there were also various gems, gold coins, and potions.

Shen Yanxiaos night of activity had indeed benefited her!

“I can already imagine their reaction when they notice their interspatial rings have been switched.” Tang Nazhi looked at Shen Yanxiao with a wicked smile.

Why did they have to steal from the thief

He had never seen Shen Yanxiao fail!

The Silver Hands had suffered a huge loss this time.

Not only did they fail to bring back the five treasures, but they had also contributed all the gold, silver, and jewelry in their pockets to Shen Yanxiao.

They even gifted her a hundred-cubic-meter interspatial ring and six ten-cubic-meter interspatial rings.

They had tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.

This exactly described what they did!

“Pitiful, too pitiful.” Yang Xi shook his head as he followed Qi Xia to dig for treasures.

There was no sincerity in his tone.

“Haha, even their gold coins have been stolen by Xiaoxiao.

How are they going to return” Tang Nazhi wanted to applaud and cheer when he thought of those few thieves who had valiantly fought their way to Sun Never Sets and were prepared to go all out.

Now that Shen Yanxiao had even taken their travel expenses, he wanted to applaud and cheer!

“They are thieves.

Naturally, they know how to pay the toll.” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin.

She did not feel that she was crazy.

If the Silver Hands could be stumped by a few bags of gold coins, then they were not qualified to be her opponent.

“Xiaoxiao, teach me a few tricks one day.

Let me have some fun too.” Tang Nazhi chuckled and moved closer to Shen Yanxiao.

The feeling of stealing something in passing was too cool!

Shen Yanxiao rolled her eyes.

“Youre a young master with food and drink.

Why do you want to learn this all of a sudden”

Shen Yanxiao did not think there was anything to be proud of in becoming a thief god.

This was only her life skills ,and she had no choice but to learn this in order to survive.

“Tang Nazhi, forget it.

You want to become a Herbalist in one moment and a thief god in the next.

After three days of fresh energy, I dont know which one is better.” While counting Shen Yanxiaosspoils of war, Qi Xia did not forget to tease Tang Nazhis nerves.

“The total value of these items totals up to tens of millions of gold coins.

However, Im guessing that the Silver Hands must have obtained these treasures from someone else.

If we were to trade them, Im afraid it would be detrimental to our reputation.” The reputation of the Phantom Auction House in the Brilliance Continent was top-notch, and no auction house in any country could compare to them.

It was better not to fence the loot.

“Leave it for now.

We will think about what to do with them later.

Qi Xia, I asked you to arrange the information network in the four countries.

Hows the preparation” Shen Yanxiao restrained the smile on her face.

As she suppressed the four countries with her strength, Shen Yanxiao began to pay attention to the importance of information.

Be it the Silver Hands or the Broken Star Palace, these two places were very hidden and it was hard to find them without sufficient information.

Moreover, with an information network spread throughout the Brilliance Continent, Shen Yanxiao could constantly grasp the movements of the rulers of the four countries.

She did not wish for a similar battle with the four-nation alliance to happen again.

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